[10 real Sushi date outfits] Sushi nakazawa dress code & MORE!

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As we all know, omakase is expensive. But is it worth it? HELL YES.

If you are a fan of high-end omakase, visiting the Michelin star restaurant Sushi Nakazawa has to be one of the destination sushi spots on your list!

Omakase just offers a unique dining experience that you’ve never experienced with any other cruise before. It’s not just about the finest, most exotic ingredients from the twenty-course meal, rather, it’s the journey as a whole.

From the face-to-face interaction with the chef, learning the difference between the origins of fish to appreciating the exquisite philosophy and technique behind it, you are bound to one cloud nine.

While Sushi Nakazawa doesn’t explicitly state the dress code, most of the guests do dress up for Omakase in elegant casual attire.

Below, I’ve gathered 10 outfits and etiquette tips from the guests who ACTUALLY visited Sushi Nakazawa so you know what outfits and behavior to AVOID.

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1. Have fun with your look!

Without a doubt, playing with the look is definitely a big part of the fun if you have a fancy sushi date.

what to wear to sushi bar date

This lady is doing a good job in teaming a statement gold blazer with a black lace bralette top underneath for a nice balance.

Together with the on-point makeup, this get-up just screams “I care about sushi but also fashion!”

I mean, going to Michelin omakase is such a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s so worth it to go extra fancy with the outfits and feel the best!


Omakase is an elegant dining experience, you can for sure dress sexy but definitely don’t go TOO revealing.

Strike a balance ladies!

2. Wear smart casual to Sushi Nakazawa

Wear smart casual to omakase

When in doubt, think smart casual.

For gentlemen, you are encouraged to wear jackets and collared shirts that help you look decent with minimal effort. For ladies, a timeless LBD will never go wrong.

3. What to wear to omakase guys

What to wear to omakase guys

These days, omakase dress code is getting more relaxed.

It’s true that you may get away with your hoodie and jeans. (Shocking but true) Honestly, the guests are a wild mix of everything from a dressy pantsuit set to a plain tee.

However, I personally think it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

To blend in the polished environment and respect the unspoken attire, avoid sportswear like shorts, jerseys, sandals, crop tops, and distressed jeans that appear to be too casual.


If you want to dress comfy, swap out the plain tee with a polo shirt. Anything with a collar just looks so much more decent!

4. Sushi Nakazawa dress code

Sushi nakazawa dress code

Another popular choice – is a statement colorful shirt to Sushi Nakazawa. Together with the khaki pants and loafers, this is how you look simple and chic at the same time.

For ladies, the belted shirt dress is another flattering choice as well!

5. Avoid wearing puffy long sleeves to omakase

what to not wear to omakase

As you will dip the fish or nori side into the soy sauce, don’t wear puffy or flowy long sleeves as your top will get ruined 100%.

6. What to wear to a fancy sushi date

What to wear to fancy sushi date

A full suit and a bold tie are always failproof that look smart and classy.


To avoid getting stains when you dip sushi, it’s best to wear a tie clip!

7. Belly-forgiving dress for a fancy sushi restaurant

Let me tell you, omakase can be extremely fulfilling with 20 courses down the road. If you want to feel the most carefree, wearing a peplum dress is my best tip for you.

When it comes to a budget-friendly choice, this peplum dress from Amazon is such a god-sent.

what to wear to sushi date
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring the peplum details, it just camouflages the belly area seamlessly and gives you a feminine hourglass shape out of nowhere.

Another big plus is the asymmetrical shoulder line.

Not only does it help elongate the neckline and make your face appear to be smaller, unique neckline just tends to give out a dash of high fashion sense.

Check it out on Amazon. You will be surprised

8. What to wear to omakase plus size

What to wear to omakase plus size
Get this plus-size peplum dress on Amazon

Of course, here’s my peplum dress pick for my plus-size queens! Featuring the flirty cold shoulder, this dress just looks classy and cute at the same time.

It just comes out of the gradient lake blue hue but it sold out quickly so I rather not include it here. Check THIS out if you are interested!

9. When in doubt, bring a poncho

sushi nakazawa dress code

To keep the sashimi and other raw food fresh, the sushi place is air-conditioned 24/7 and that means it can be chilly for some of you.

No matter what you wear, bring a light cardigan or poncho with you. Trust you, they will be of use at some point!

10. What shoes to wear to Sushi Nakazawa

What shoes to wear to Sushi Nakazawa

Just like going to another fine dining price, avoid wearing casual sandals, especially for dinner time.

If you want to finish off the look on a dressier end, closed-toe heels or embellished flats are your best bet.

For gentlemen, swapping sporty sneakers for loafers can never go wrong.

11. Omakase and sushi bar etiquette

While you are so tempted to wear perfume for your Sushi Nakazawa date, don’t do that.

The reason being is the fragrance will impact the tastes of the food and affect the whole experience.

Other omakase etiquette includes:

  • Your rice should never come in contact with soy sauce (The sauce should only touch the fish)
  • You should eat the sushi pieces in one bite
  • Don’t add the ginger with sushi (It should be served as a refreshing palate)

For more, check out this sushi etiquette here!


So there you go – the 11 omakase outfit ideas to help you figure out the sushi Nakazawa dress code and etiquette dos and don’ts!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that get you inspired and now it’s time to settle your final look!

I mean, It’s definitely okay to splurge when it comes to sushi.

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