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*2023*How to REALLY wear high low tops & skirts? 18 outfit tips!

*2023*How to REALLY wear high low tops & skirts? 18 outfit tips!

How to wear high-low tops, high-low skirts, and dresses?

Believe it or not, there’s a ton of you googling this question so here you are – the complete outfit guide to rock the high-low fashion!

As a perfect blend of non-traditional cuts and timeless elegance, the high-low top, skirt, and dress will never fail to elevate your look with a distinctive dash of aesthetic.

And guess what, it flatters almost every body type, especially petite girls like me.

The stylish high-low design avoids adding a ton of fabric to your lower body and keeps you effortlessly sleek.

Whether you dress it down for the beach day or pull it on for a formal ceremony, you’re bound to feel fabulous.

So if you are ready to level up your looks, I’ve gathered 18 high-low outfits from the top, skirt to dress.

Enjoy loves!

1. How to wear a high-low button-down shirt? skinny jeans

How to wear high low button down shirt?
Source: 1,2

If you want to rock a boss lady look without going for the same old blazer, well, perhaps it’s time to consider a high-neck top that screams “I’ve got a style and I OWN it”.

As this statement top will grab the eyeballs already, keep the rest of your look simple for a nice balance.

I don’t know about you but a white high-low button-down and black faux leather leggings are everything and more.

I’d say the skinny jeans and form-fitting pants look best to create an hourglass silhouette.

If you aren’t super tall and slim, team it with flared pants that can easily look baggy.

2. High low tops with leggings

High low tops with leggings
Source: 1,Lololoren

Of course, leggings are another popular choice. If you want a killer look, here’s my sweet mash-up for you: Flowy High low top, faux leather black leggings, and sexy nude spaghetti strap heels.

Girl this is how you look hot as hell with attitude.

3. How to style chiffon high low skirt

How to wear chiffon high low skirt
Source: 1,2

Speaking of the high-low skirt, chiffon is one of the most common fabrics due to its incredibly lightweight and flowy texture.

For summer days, whether your team is in with a crisp white tee or a checked shirt is just equally flattering.

If you want to elevate this casual look, the addition of a brown leather belt will give off an instant polish-like magic.

Does the occasion call for a dressy look?

A sexy black tube top and cream lace high-low skirt just can’t look any more refreshing.


4. How to wear high-low maxi skirts in winter?

How to wear high low maxi skirt in winter
Source: 1,2

Wanna add a little bit of zing to your winter look? Let’s do a stylish update with a cropped sweater, a high-low skirt, and knee-high boots.

They seem NEVER to belong together but guess what, it looks surprisingly excellent!

Is that just me but this get-up looks like something a fashion designer would wear.

One tip though. If you want to look taller in a chunky sweater, always roll your sleeves up – that can draw your eyes vertically and elongate your figure.

5. How to wear a high-low dress for a slimming look?

How to look nice in a high-low dress? Well, what about choosing the right design that flatters your curves?

If you want to add a dash of elegance and femininity to your style, off-shoulder just never fails to impress.

As a girl with a chubby face, I can tell my face look visually smaller with this neckline.

And you know the best part? A high-low dress can easily look expensive-looking with this unique design.

The above two dresses are such a bargain from Amazon with high-quality fabric and 5-star reviews.

And of course, they come in different sizes and colors! Check them out!

How to wear high low skirt
  1. Floerns Vintage Lace Dip Highl Party Dress ( from Amazon)- for my plus size bae
  2. JASAMBAC Off Shoulder High Low A-Line Dress ( from Amazon) – the quality is insane…

Nov 9 Update: I saw many of you bought the red velvet one! I always overlook that one somehow but I guess I will buy it for the winter parties!

Thanks ladies x

6. What shoes to wear with a high-low prom dress?

What shoes to wear with high low prom dress
Source: 1,2

As the whole point of wearing a high-low skirt is about putting your legs in the spotlight, you want to choose the right shoes that bring the best.

For a fail-proof way, keep the dress and the shoes in the same color scheme so you can easily look put together with the united frame.

Or else, any pointy shoes should work great.

But when it comes to the calf-high boots, I must say that’s tricky to wear. The high-low cutting will draw unwanted attention to the calf area and make it appear thicker.

In that sense, I will prefer thigh-high, knee-high, or ankle boots.

7. What shoes to wear with a high-low wedding dress?

What shoes to wear with a high low wedding dress
Source: 1,2

As for the shoewear choices for the high-low wedding dress, the same old rule – wear in a monochromatic way.

Of course, they truly look great with the dreamy glitter pumps as well.

My other pick would be the T-bar heels. Can we all agree that this design is timeless and elegant?

Plus, the central strap lengthens your legs when it rundowns your foot. If you’re petite, definitely give this darling a try!

8. What to wear with a high-low maxi dress?

What to wear with a high low maxi dresses
Sources: 1,2

The charm of a high-low skirt is its incredible versatility. With different mixes and matches, you can dress it up and down in an instant.

But if you want to showcase your high-low skirt more, throwing on a cropped jacket is always on point.

Teaming a black biker jacket with a dark green chiffon skirt and an envelope clutch? I mean, how cool is that?


So ladies, there you go! The 18 outfit ideas if you wonder how to wear high low tops, skirts, and dresses.

Which one is your favorite? Now have fun discovering your unique look!

By the way, if you’re interested in more stylish outfit ideas, I’m sure you will find the tips below useful! See you there!

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