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*2023 8 strategic places* to REALLY meet a nice man over 50

*2023 8 strategic places* to REALLY meet a nice man over 50

Looking for some ways and good places to meet a nice man over 50? You’ve certainly come to the right place!

Ladies, we all know the competition is hard when it comes to the dating market.

Especially if you are targeting the real mature gentlemen but not the boys, the competition just boosts tenfolds.

But hey, no worries as your girl is here to share some practical places to meet singles over 50.

I’m not trying to sell you any dating service or online app here, just brutally strategic tips to provide you with real value.

Sounds good? Make sure you read till the end as I’m gonna share one little tool to boost things up.


1. How to meet a nice man over 50? Learn Tango

I can’t believe no one talks about it. Seriously, learning the tango is one of the best ways if you want to meet a nice man over 50.

How to meet a nice man over 50

First, learning tango needs a dancing partner. I know many of the Tango academies will assign a partner for you or even multiple partners!

Second, Tango is more for old people, meaning you are actually surrounded by men in your desired age group. I know that’s a nightmare if you have to do the dance with a 20-something boy.

Third, if a man signs up for Tango, high chance he knows how to have fun in his life and also has good taste.

Last, Tango is very passionate and sensual. It requires A TON OF physical touch between the dancers and it’s easy to nurture a bonding between you and your partner. (Given that you are interested in him)

See ladies? I have valid reasons for that. Tango is really a perfect hobby to pick up to find the right man. I mean, the success rate is just higher.

Of course, if dancing isn’t really your thing, check out other ideas below.

2. Do volunteer work

Another natural way to meet a nice man over 50 is to be a volunteer.

Whether you are single or not, volunteering can be really fulfilling and make you become a more passionate lady. Many of my friends say that doing volunteer work makes them find back their passion in life, which is HUGE.

In that sense, high chance you will find a like-minded, kind man during the volunteer work.

As for the age group, I do think there will be a mature man in the circle. As we all know, volunteering can take up a big chunk of time and I don’t think men in their 30s and 40s (The prime hustling time) will have time for being active volunteers.

From my mum’s experience, she met some retried mid-50s men in the NGO group.

3. Visit the dog park to meet good men

Ladies, visit the dog park – with or without a dog.

For the ladies who are shy or introverted, a dog park is a relaxing place for you to meet the men in your area. I mean, it’s just so much easier to start a conversation when you have a cute dog with you.

Of course, the people’s age groups and backgrounds in the dog park can be really diverse. But a single mature man is not hard to spot here as well!

Many men get a dog because they are single and want accompany, so I’d say a dog park is definitely worth the try.

4. What NOT to go to meet a nice man in your 40s & 50s

I know many sites out there suggest you find a man in a fine dining restaurant and night bar. But if I have to be honest, I just don’t think it will work.

From my observation, the guest in fancy restaurants always come as couples. The setting of the resto just explicitly tells – people are here for high-end food, no other intentions.

Of course, there are still some ladies who meet Mr. right in a restaurant, but the chance is rare.

In that sense, you may have more luck with a coffee shop than a fancy restaurant.

5. A classy bar with live music

As for the nightclub that is super noisy with the DJ and the beer pong, you can for sure attract men.

But guess what, instead of attracting a classy man in their 50s, you will bump into playboys, college students, and young dudes that trying to numb themselves after a busy work week.

That’s not what you want right?

According to this article, high-quality men prefer classy clubs with live music. (You know…the jazz and blues) I thought that’s a really good point to share here! A speakeasy bar is also a tasteful choice here.

places to meet a nice man over 50

When in doubt, go to a high-end bar. The cover charge helps to keep most of the young dudes out.

If you want to meet the right type of man, choose your battlefield RIGHT. Very important ladies.

6. Going to exhibitions and conventions

If you want to be strategic, visiting exhibitions and conventions that are highly participated by male visitors is one of the fun things to try.

As the saying goes “Sometimes you are just one decision away from a different life!”.

Think of a car show, yacht shows, wine expo, and IT-related conventions to boost the success rate. These types of classy events will attract mature gentlemen for sure.

7. Church group for good men

How to meet a nice man over 50

If you are a religious person, a church group is such a failproof.

That’s just maths. The more you show up at the events, the more friends you can potentially make.

To get started, I’d say go for the small circle as a starting point. After all, it’s not that easy to create bondings if you are in a large group.

8. Join a golf club for 50 or up men

Need I say more? If you want to meet a sophisticated man, the golf club is your wonderland.

Of course, they can be expensive to join. But is this investment worth it, HELL YES.

9. The Pheromone perfume

If you want to feel extra confident in your dating life, a pheromone perfume definitely works.

I bought two myself from Amazon and I’m obsessed.

I’m not talking about any kind of perfume here, but the one with the chemical Pheomore.

Proven by science, pheromones are the undetectable scent that our bodies nurture to invoke sexual desire from others.

Another big plus, it’s made in the USA and NOT tested on animals.

If you want an extra boost, try out this little thing! They are the best seller on Amazon.


So there you go ladies – the 8 places and 1 tool if you are wondering how to meet a nice man over 50.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these tips get you inspired. I don’t know about you but I truly feel so good after writing this article, I hope that really helps!

As the saying goes “Wine, like women, gets better with age.”

Regardless of our age, we deserve high-quality men in the love life!

Looking for more women’s talk? Check out my popular reads below. I’m sure you will get inspired as well!

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