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2023! 🇺🇸24 FOURTH OF JULY plus size fun looks (actually cute!)

2023! 🇺🇸24 FOURTH OF JULY plus size fun looks (actually cute!)

So, ladies, it’s the time of the year and the same old question again: What to wear for the fourth of July?

The fate is, whether you go for a small family barbecue in your backyard or have fun on a wild game night with big crowds, you just can’t run away from the patriotic white, red and blue hues as it’s EVERYWHERE.

But does that mean you dressing like an American flag is your only option? Well, not at all.

If you want a stylish approach to freshen up the look for this big day, I’ve gathered 10 styles for you. From minimalist look to one-of-a-kind street style, I’ve got your back.

And yes, this article is for my curvy queens so here are the 10 Fourth of July plus-size outfit ideas. Enjoy!


Fourth of July plus size ideas
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Is that possible to look not cheesy in the American flag? Well, the challenge is real but yes, it’s totally possible!

Instead of going for the ordinary round neck tee, upgrade your look with a crochet American flag top is how you stand out from the crowd in the predictable white, red, and blue hues.

Or else, do a cute front knot for the shirt or go for a retro acid-wash top that works wonders as well.

When it comes to classic prints like an American flag, always go for the design with a stylish twist so you can stay on top of your fashion game!


The truth is, we are all perfect imperfections.

You want to learn these outfit hacks ONLY if you feel like it but are not pressured by others. Remember, we never have the need to “fix” our bodies!

You don’t have to be pretty like HER, you can be pretty like YOU.

And believe it or not, there’s still NOT ENOUGH plus-size content around Pinterest and other places on the internet …at all.

So ladies, before reading the tips, please help pin the pin below & support plus-size ladies ♥!


Fourth of July plus size ideas
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For the girls who love to keep things subtle, finish off your fourth of July look with only one to two statement hues that just look simple yet effortlessly sleek.

As we all know, putting too many hues on your body can exaggerate the figure visually and that’s not the most flattering for plus-size girls.

So keeping it simple is always foolproof.

Whether you go for a bright red off-shoulder dress or a preppy polo shirt, it just looks so put-together and sophisticated.


Fourth of July plus size ideas
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For a casual grab-and-go look, complete your patriotic look with denim just to seal the deal.

When it comes to a playful ensemble, you can hardly go wrong with the statement “Made in America” shirt and denim shorts for a pop of fun.

But if you want to freshen up your denim look, I’ll urge you to go for white denim as it just gives out naturally elegant vibes.

Seriously, switch out the blue denim jacket for a cream one just to boost the aesthetic tenfolds.

Try it out, ladies!

If you wonder how to wear white jeans with cellulite, here are my 5 tips! Some of them are wild but they work!


Fourth of July plus size ideas
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For the baking hot summer days, sometimes all we need is a gorgeously lightweight shirt to literally survive.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, wearing a shirt with a big V-neck is always flattering as it makes my face appear to be smaller.

For a darling look, team a red shirt with a high waist bodycon just look as cute as it looks feminine! LOVE.


Fourth of July plus size swimsuit ideas
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Planning for a beach day to absorb as much Vitamin D as you can during the fourth of July? Let’s not forget to add a dash of patriot vibes to your swimsuit!

As a no-brainer, a red one-piece swimsuit is top of my list. Red is just so sensual and attractive in its own way.

Of course, always go for the high V hemp design for the leg elongating effect.

One tip though, if you feel insecure about the belly area, always opt for the one with a ruffle design! Absolutely Flirty and dazzling.


Fourth of July plus size ideas
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If you never thought of wearing overalls for the Fourth of July, well, get on! It’s such a fun and whimsy look to play with.

To make it less juvenile, switching out the round-neck tee for a shirt or polo can always achieve a happy medium.

These days, I always wear an overall with an off-shoulder top all day long.

I mean, who can go wrong by showcasing the feminine shoulder line? No one.


Fourth of July plus size ideas

If bright blue, red, and sharp white is hard to mix and match, what about completing your look with baby blue, pale pink, and cream?

With just a tiny twist of color, pastel hues never fail to soften the look with a touch of dreaminess.

Not only they are perfect for the patriotic theme, but you also have no problem wearing them throughout the whole summer!

If you are sick of buying an American flag top and only wearing it once a year, consider celebrating the day with your existing clothes to minimize the waste.


Fourth of July plus size ideas
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Feeling vintage? Perhaps it’s time to dust off your grandma’s polka dot midi dress for a good old 70s look.

If you need an excuse to dress up, the Fourth of July is the perfect one as it’s all about patterns and delightful bright hues!

So get on the retro game with a color block headband and a silk neck scarf.

Is that just me one of the best things to be a girl is we always have more outfit options!

From retro style to the high street look, trust me, you are bound to feel AMAZING.


Fourth of July plus size ideas
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If you want triple happiness, guess what, go for a matchy look with your girl gang for some lovely Instagram shots!

For the girls who thought wearing a blue top yourself is too plain, ask your girls to wear red and white tops to complete the American flag!

I know it sounds silly but when you look at the photos, you just won’t regret it!

This is so random… BUT

hey ladies, why not quickly do an affirmation and feel instantly better?

This new year, I’m trying not only to share fashion tips but come up with ways to instill body positivity in all women who are reading my articles – aka YOU!

Instead of just reading it, say it loud or murmur the quotes (if you are in public) to maximize the effect.

Ready? Here we go.

I love my body. She is my forever home and sanctuary.

Sassy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

Work out because I love my body – not because I hate it.

I can love myself and change my body at the same time. No guilt about that.

It is completely normal to have tummy rolls. I come to realize that social media isn’t showing the reality… at all.

My happiest moments in life had nothing to do with the way my body looked.

I don’t have to be pretty like her, I can be pretty like …ME.

I AM perfect imperfection.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that makes you feel better (as you deserved).

Please help me pass the body positivity message in your community. #womenhelpwomen

Alright, now keep on reading!


Fourth of July plus size ideas
Source: 1,2

Last but not least, the hair accessories. With the right pick, it can really pull the look together and elevate your style even in the simplest outfit.

This patriotic comprehensive set from Amazon just screams “The hype is REAL” as a statement piece.

You have no problem wearing them all year long for independence day and other patriotic-themed parties!

Whether you team it with your girl pals or daughter, it just looks super cute!


So here are the 10 Fourth of July plus size ladies outfit ideas. I hope I’ve convinced you that there are many stylish ways to show off your American pride!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Put on American flag for a patriotic look
  • Keep it simple and classy
  • Go casual with denim
  • Go cute with colourful shirt
  • Fourth of July swimwear & bathing suit
  • Go playful with overalls
  • Go for pastel hues for Fourth of July
  • Add a dash of vintage to your look
  • Get matchy matchy with girlpals
  • Accessorises your hair for the day

By the way, ladies, if you are interested in more plus-size outfit ideas, check out the following articles below or visit the “curves ladies” column on the menu! See you there loves!

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