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10 dresses for senior women: 70 & 80 yrs old + forgiving tips!

10 dresses for senior women: 70 & 80 yrs old + forgiving tips!

If you are a 70 or 80-year-old lady looking for amazing dresses ideas, well, you’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “Your age doesn’t matter, your fashion sense does”.

Regardless of your age, you can always dress up and feel the best!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 10 ways and types of dresses for 70 & 80 years old along with some styling tips, enjoy my loves!

1. Scarf x solid dress

For the ladies who prefer wearing solids but want to spice things up a little bit, well, throw a scarf, and you’ll be all set!

This is honestly the most effortless way to look stylish and classy in a second.

For a nice contrast, pair up a printed scarf with solid hues.

dresses for 70 & 80 years old woman
Source: Chicatanyage

And let’s not forget it’s the perfect time to get creative – there are literally endless ways to tie a scarf.

To get started, check out these 10 ways!

2. When in doubt, pair with leggings

Another way to style your dresses – pair with leggings or jeans.

When in doubt, go for the monochrome look.

dresses for senior woman
Source: Pinterest

By teaming the grey poncho and white jeans together, it just unites the body frame in similar shape and elongates your figure visually.

For a sophisticated yet womanly look, a one-shoulder poncho is such a gem.

Kind of classy sassy and perfect for mature ladies!

dresses and leggings senior woman
Source: Pinterest

A floral printed dress, black leggings just look effortlessly perfect together.

Not over the top but definitely make a statement “I’m stylish and I ROCK it”.

Of course, depends on the style, teaming your shirt dress with contrasting shade work as well.

dresses and leggings senior woman
Source: Pinterest

This outfit is screaming the elegant resort vibes with the clay shrit dress and white pants.


To look sleek in this combo, go for the tight jeans rather than the flared jeans.

The latter will make you look shorter visually.

3. Floral dresses as a safe bet

Of course, how can be miss the floral dresses – it’s universally flattering.

To look forgiving in patterns and prints, take note to avoid the oversized or large prints as that tends to exaggerate your figure even more.

floral dress 70 years old women
Source: Pinterest

Instead, go for the delicate floral prints for a feminine and flattering look.

Together with the nude heels, this is how you elongate your legs even more.

For an affordable choice, I’m loving this floral dress from Amazon down below.

plus size petite maxi dress with sleeves

Get this dress on Amazon 💗

The stylish inverted hemline (Again, leg-elongating) and adjustable waistband is just everything.

That said, if you adore big prints, I’d say embrace it!

summer dresses for senior women
Source: Pinterest

All you have to find the right cutting and you’ll be fine.

A sleek V-neck can definitely balance out the boldness of the prints and perhaps a nice belt can help as well!

4. A high quality shirt dress

At this age, we never want to sacrifice our comfort in any circumstances and that’s why a shirt dress is always the gem.

Made from lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen, they are incredibly comfortable and perfect for summer days.

casual dresses for older women
Source: Pinterest


To look low-key chic, unbutton the shirt and widen the neckline like the lady in the photo above.

Together with the sunnies and belt, this is how you look womanly and put together.

If you are feeling extra experimental, go for the patterned shirt dress as a mood booster!

There’s literally no age limit to style. If you feel like wearing the high heels, rock them!

More often than not, it’s the attitude that truly matters.

If you are looking for a high quality shirt dress that can easily dress up and down, this one below is an absolute keeper.

Collared belt shirt dress plus size petite

Get this belted shirt dress on Lane Bryant

Featuring the flappy arms friendly sleeve, high waist belt design and a slightly round hemline, all the details make this dress extra flattering.

5. Special occasion dresses for older ladies: Peplum

When it comes to the formal or semi-formal occasions and you want to look put together, the pelpum dress is the perfect choice.

Amazon peplum dress

Shop this light pink peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just camouflage the midsection perfectly and create a hourshape figure for you.

special occasion dresses for older ladies
Shop this peplum dress on Amazon

Instead of the long sleeve, I prefer the 3/4 sleeve or mid sleeve.

By showing part of the wrist, it just make you appear to be taller.

For the detailed explaination, check out my another post article (You will love all these tips!).

6. Summer colorblock dress

When you are in your 70s and 80s, you just don’t give a damn to what other people think – and that’s insanely liberating.

If you want to wear a colorful dress, have fun and flaunt it!

A lady who is unapologetically herself is always the most attractive ones.

patterned dress for older women
Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a tummy-forgiving dress, this one below is my best pick for you!

colorblock dress for mature ladies
Shop this color block dress on Amazon

Featuring the big black block in the middle, this is how you can rock a colorful dress but still earn the belly flattering effect.

7. Spice up a black dress

When it comes to the forgiving black dress, again, spice things up.

black dress 70 years old mature ladies
Source: Pinterest

You just can’t go wrong with a pink knotted shirt – this is the ultimate mood booster.

black dress 70 years old mature ladies
Source: Susanafter60

A colorful scarf just boost the aesthetic of the black dress tenfolds.

I also love how this lady pair the shoes and basket bag in the same hue – the nude shade help draw eyes to the scarf and let it shine.


So there you go ladies – the 10 dresses and sytling tips for mature ladies (70 & 80 years old)!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired!

If you are looking for more outfit inspo over 60, check out my popular articles down below – see you there loves!

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