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*18 outfits 2023!* How to dress like Minnie mouse with regular clothes?

*18 outfits 2023!* How to dress like Minnie mouse with regular clothes?

Wondering how to dress like Minnie mouse with regular clothes or simply looking for some non-cheesy Disney Minnie mouse costume for adults?

You’ve come to the right place!

This article is here to help you put on a stress-free Minnie mouse look in one minute.

Let’s be real, dressing in costume is no easy feat, and not everyone enjoys DIY. If you want to dress like Minnie mouse, all you need is some black and red clothes and you’re good to go!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 20 Minnie mouse adult outfits for Halloween, Disneyland, and parties from all kinds of styles.

For your convenience, some of the links are shoppable on Amazon, enjoy!

1. Mickey and Minnie mouse couple costumes

How to dress like Minnie mouse with regular clothes? All you need to do is to get the colors right.

Throw on a plain black top, red skirt, and a statement Minnie mouse headband and you’ll never miss anything from your outfit!

2. Sexy Minnie Mouse inspired look

If you are feeling flirty today, consider adding a dash of spiciness with an off-shoulder polka dot top and faux leather pants that sure to turn heads.

I mean, who said Minnie mouse’s look has to be sweet?

3. Cute Minnie mouse inspired outfit

If you are gravitating towards one-piece, choose something slightly retro or a sweet red A-line dress to bring out the Minnie mouse vibes to the best.

4. Minnie mouse diy red tutu skirt

If you happened to have a red tutu skirt, just cut some white circles and stick them onto the skirt and Viola– your Minnie mouse costume is DONE!

5. Polka dot tunic shirt

polka dot tunic shirt to dress like minnie mouse
Buy this sleeveless polka dot shirt on Amazon

If you are worrying the polka dot will make you look bigger, this small dots sleeveless tunic is an extra forgiving one.

Together with a belt and black high waist dress, this look is a 10/10.

6. How to dress up like Minnie Mouse?

Get this vintage polka dot dress on Amazon

This is another flattering one. A polka dot dress in black just balances out the boldness and helps you showcase the curves in the most perfect way.

Whether you want to dress like Minnie mouse or simply go for a vintage party, this feminine dress will be such a HIT.


7. Minnie mouse outfit ideas for adults

minnie mouse outfit ideas for adults

Most of the Minnie mouse custumes are more on the childish side but this one just looks so clean and sleek.

Together with the white knee-high socks, this look is perfect for adults.

You can either get this simple costume on Oriental Trending or recreate the look yourself!

8. Minnie mouse outfit ideas in pants

Gravitate towards wearing pants? I say lean into it.

To feel the comfiest, opt for the paper bag pants.

9. Black Minnie mouse inspired outfit for Halloween

Black Minnie mouse inspired outfit for Halloween
Get this polka dot dress on Amazon

Looking for Minnie mouse inspired outfit for coming Halloween? Well, definitely go for a black polka dot dress.

Wear the dark red lips and distressed fishnet tights to WOW everyone!

10. Disneybound minnie mouse outfits

Disneybound minnie mouse outfits
Source from

There’s nothing too over top in Disneyland.

Polka dot x polka dot? HELL YES GIRLS.

By the way, does anyone know where can I get this Minnie mouse boots? So cute.

11. Sweet vintage Minnie mouse inspired outfits

If you thought wearing a headband is not your thing, consider a red beret hat that is equally flattering as well!

This is the look that I would pin down and recreate later. Everything is just SO ON POINT.

Disneybound outfits never fail to impress me.

12. Sheer polka dot red top

how to dress like minnie mouse with regular clothes
Get this polka dot top on Amazon

Can you look sexy in a polka dot shirt? Go for this sheer design to make sure you can rock this top from Disney party to clubbing night!

13. Minnie mouse costume adults ideas

If you can’t copy everything from this look, at least style your neck with a polka dot scarf to show others you’ve given thought to your look!

I also love the peplum bodycon dress, the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist just covers the belly area perfectly – such a godsend.

14. Easy Minnie mouse outfit for adults

These double-breast red striped pants are perfect for the Minnie mouse look!

15. Minnie mouse Halloween costume

If you want to make your Minnie mouse outfits look more vintage, all you need to do is pair your round-toe heels with white or mustard-yellow socks.

This combo just brings us back to the good old 80s.

16. Minnie mouse bow bun DIY

So you’ve pinned down your look, well, it’s time for the festive hairstyle!

Get this Minnie mouse bow bun to feel the best.

17. Minnie mouse hair EARS

If you have thick hair (I hate you), watch this Minnie mouse ear tutorial and recreate this hairstyle!

This is super instagrammable.


So ladies, there you go the 17 outfit ideas if you wonder how to dress like a Minnie mouse with regular clothes. Remember, regardless of our ages, we can always dress like Minnie Mouse and find the inner child in us!

What do you think about these looks? I hope that get you inspired!

If you are looking for more outfit ideas, feel free to check out the article below. See you there loves!

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