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*2023*20+ Cute snowboarding outfits to hit the slopes

*2023*20+ Cute snowboarding outfits to hit the slopes

Are you looking for cute snowboarding outfits that will keep you stylish in the snow? Well, then this article is here for you! 

As the saying goes “Happiness is the first track in fresh snow.” When it comes to snowboarding and skiing, the excitement is beyond imagination.

The 10/10 scenery, the unbeatable speed that gets your heart pumping, the freedom you’ve gained throughout the ride, it’s like the perfect formula to get addicted to it.

And the best part? You can always dress cute in them! Together with the winter wonderland background, taking some aesthetic shots on the slopes just can’t be any easier.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 20 cute snowboarding and skiing outfits that look as chic as they are practical.

If you are looking for some new snowsuits, ski jackets, baselayers, and more, keep on reading!

For your convenience, most of the looks are shoppable so check free to click the link and check them out!

1. Pinterest Pink hoodie x all-in-one suit

pinterest snowboard outfits

2. Go colorful

pinterest snowboard outfits

Squad goal: Dress like a rainbow in the snow!

3. Cute girl snowboarding outfits

cute girl snowboarding outfits

Who said you can’t look feminine in the snow?

4. Retro Women Ski JumpSuit

Cute snowboarding outfit girls
Get these on Etsy

Those three bright knit stripes on the chest just give out the 80s vintage vibes.


5. All white ski jumpsuit

all white snowboarding outfit
Get these darlings on Etsy

Let’s hit the slopes in shiny white!

Just can’t look anymore posh.

6. Cream faux fur hooded belted snow suit

For my plus-size queens.

Cute snowboarding outfit plus size
Get this snowsuit on Pretty Little Thing

Belted snowsuit can elongate your figure and makes you look taller.


Cute snowboarding outfit plus size
Get this cutie on Pretty Little Thing

The scoop neck design is to die for.


faux fur headband for skiing
Get this posh headband on Pretty Little Thing

This headband is here to elevate the whole look.

Is that just me but that gives me “The house of Gucci” vibes?


cool girl snowboarding outfit
Get this hooded puffer on Pretty Little Thing

For the cool girl look, a cropped puffer jacket and leggings are the perfect combo.

10. Rainbow Ski overall Ski jumpsuit

 Rainbow Ski overall Ski jumpsuit
Get this rainbow snowsuit on Etsy

You can only find these dreamy rainbow hues on Etsy.

11. Cute Stylish snowboarding outfit

Cute Stylish snowboarding outfit
Get this colorful snowsuit on Etsy

This snowboard suit just screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

12. Base layer legging in cable knit

Base layer legging in cable knit
Get this beautiful baby blue base layer on ASOS

Want to look put-together when you take off the baggy snowsuit? This pastel base layer set is here for you.

13. Liquorish SKI base layer leggings

Liquorish SKI base layer leggings
Get this legging on ASOS

Fun and youthful

14. Snowboarding must have moon boots

Snowboarding must have moon boots
Get these Moon boots on FarFetch

Rose pink moon boots? Hell YES.

15. Match the hue from head to toe

Match the hue from head

It just tells others you’ve given thought to your look.

16. Cute snowboarding outfit in 90s

Cute snowboarding outfit vintage

In case you wonder, this photo is taken in December 1994!

A funky cap, tight-on-tight tees, and those good old days.

17. Classy turtleneck & snow pants

Classy turtleneck & snow pants

These snowboarding suspenders bibs are here to showcase your curves.

18. Dreamy baby pink snowboarding set

Dreamy baby pink snowboarding set

Dress like a barbie girl in a winter wonderland.

19. Ski jumpsuit with houndstooth prints

snowboard style clothing

Now, THIS is how you stand out from the crowd.

20. Cute red monochromatic snowboard outfit

red snowboard outfit ladies

A red monochromatic set just makes you feel like a million dollars.


So there you go the 20 cute snowboarding outfits for you ladies!

I hope these looks prove your snowboarding and skiing don’t have to sacrifice your style at all! And now let’s go shopping and create your one-of-a-kind look!

For more winter outfit ideas, check out the article below! See you there!

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