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*2023!* what to wear with striped pants?16 combos!

*2023!* what to wear with striped pants?16 combos!

If you think striped pants are hard to style, I’m here to prove you wrong.

For such a long time, I just don’t think striped pants are gonna flatter my body.

With all the bold colors and stripes, this can be quite overwhelming for a girl who wears denim jeans and yoga pants 24/7.

But actually, if you don’t how to mix and match, striped pants can really brighten your look with a stylish twist.

From relaxing off-duty style to a classy feminine office lady look, stripe pants can get the look right.

That said, below are the 6 combos (plus one slimming tip!) if you wonder what to wear with striped pants.

Enjoy ladies!


what to wear with striped pants
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If you are new to the striped pants department, pairing a plain color shirt or tee with straight-leg pants will never go wrong.

As most of the stripe pants are vibrant in colors with stripes, they already serve as a bold statement piece already.

That said, you want to make sure the rest of your outfit looks neat and plain to highlight your pants for a put-together style.

If you pair another busy print shirt with the pants, 90% of the time you will end up looking tacky.

So ladies, don’t overthink.

Teaming a white shirt with blue stripe pants is more than enough to add some spice to your look!

If you want, finish off the outfit with a pair of retro round sunglasses that can elevate your style even more!


what to wear with striped pants
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Feeling outdoorsy but want to stay stylish? Stripe pants are such a winning option here.

With the billowy wide-leg design, you can look effortlessly breezy in them. For the top, whether you opt for a plain white tube, front-tie shirt, or co-ord set, it’s just equally flattering.

Stay faithful to a carefree look, and get yourself an in-trend half-moon basket bag and a straw hat to add a dash of ease.


what to wear with striped pants
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Can you look feminine in these colorful, funky pants? Absolutely! These days, striped pants definitely come back in a wide range of forms.

Besides the classic bold pants, we can always opt for subtle designs. Instead of picking high saturation colors like green and orange, opt for soft hues like dusty pink, pale yellow, baby blue, or beige for a feminine style.

And instead of wearing the stripe print pants, opt for the straight pleated silk pants for a subtle look.

To look more poised, you can always add a belt to accentuate the high waist area for a sculpted silhouette.

Lastly, accessories yourself with a dainty clutch or structured bag with an elegant touch.

So, ladies, it’s totally possible to wear stripe pants during office days!


what to wear with striped pants
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During winter, dark blue stripe pants are definitely my favorite.

For a stylish boss lady look, pair the blue blouse with monotone stripe pants and drape your long coat over the shoulder is just eye-catching enough to turn heads.

For footwear, a pair of nude heels or sock heels can work wonders with the look.

And if you want to glam up your look with a luxe, opt for dark blue pants with gold stripes for an air of retro vibes.

For hat lovers, try out the black faux leather beret cap.

It just makes you look 10 times cooler and balance out the playfulness of the pants.


what to wear with striped pants
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Looking for boho outfits besides wearing patchwork smock dresses?

Colorful striped pants with tribal prints are definitely a great alternative if you want to add a bit of whimsy to your weekend look.

With the unique bell-bottom design and a pair of turquoise flip-flops, it just gives you a sense of exoticness.

For the top, a crochet top or simple embroidered drape tops can make a harmonious blend with the pants.

So ladies, if you go to music festivals this summer, you know what to wear!


what to wear with striped pants
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If you don’t have time to do the mix and match, no worries as monochrome styles are here to help.

With a similar hue of colors, it just makes you look neat and that helps elongate your figure visually.

To add some layers, perhaps it’s time to experiment with different kinds of fabrics.

For example, if you are wearing cotton for the co-ord set, opting for different fabrics for the bag can help to create a rich flavor look.

If you are wearing slouchy wide-leg stripe pants, try to balance off the bulk with a body-skimming top.

One of my covetable pieces is the halter top, it just makes me feel sexy in a lowkey way.


what to wear with striped pants
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I think I have a mini heart attack back then when I realized wearing straight stripes is actually fatter than wearing horizontal stripes from discover magazine!

I know that’s kind of shocking when you first hear about that but that’s science!

But before you throw all your striped pants out of the closet, relax because there are many ways to subdue the bulk of the stripes.

One of the most effective ways is to avoid wearing the thick stripes as it just visually broadens your bottom and makes your legs shorter.

As a petite girl, I will always opt for the thinner stripes to minimize the effect and I can tell you that really works!

And when it comes to the color pairings, opt for low contrasting hues like beige and white instead of black and white so the stripes will not appear too sharp and eye-catching.

That said, we can again, suppress the exaggerating effect.

For the rest, make sure you grab the remaining tips in this article – that can really make a big difference in your fashion game!


So ladies, here are the 7 ideas if you wonder what to wear with striped pants!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Keep neat with the striped pants
  • Embrace holiday vibes with striped pants
  • Look feminine in striped pants
  • Team striped pants with a coat for a stylish winter look
  • Opt for colorful stripe pants for a boho style
  • Wear striped pants in monochrome
  • Opt for thinner stripes for a slimming effect

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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