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*11 real-life looks!* What to REALLY wear to escape room?+ TIPS

Wondering what to wear to the escape room? You’ve come to the right place!

Regardless of your age, the escape room is always so much fun.

As a perfect blend of intriguing storyline setting, physical adventure, puzzle-solving, and gameplay, a 60 minutes escape room is bound to give you adrenaline like no other!

So now you are so ready to crush the tasks. But wait, have you wondered what to wear to the escape room?

Believe it or not, your outfits can make or break your escape room experience.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 11 real-life outfit ideas along with some tips. Enjoy!

1. What NOT to wear to the escape room?

What NOT to wear to the escape room
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First thing first, you should always dress casually and comfy for the escape room.

You will be moving and touching almost everything in the small room for an hour.

It’s not uncommon that your shirt to catch on something sharp or get some dirt out of nowhere. (Yup, this happened… A LOT)

To play safe, avoid wearing expensive clothes or anything that can’t be dry-cleaned.

So leave your high-fashion silk top for the next time girl, so not worth it.

2. Wear loose-fit clothes to escape the room

What NOT to wear to the escape room

So yes, make sure the clothes you’re wearing are loose fit and breathable so you can do all kinds of moves effortlessly.

After all, you will need to complete a series of challenges from bending over to reach things to getting into a cage. (Don’t be too surprised!)

3. Wear mom jeans or paper bag pants

what to wear to escape room
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Besides jeans and leggings, the paper bag pants are such a real gem.

Featuring the loose cut around the tummy area, you can sit comfortably in them.

And the best part? It just looks super forgiving!

Team it with a plain white top and a cute high bun just to make you look stylish and cute with minimal effort.

4. Escape room tips: Dress in layers

escape room tips
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Most of the escape room has A/C and it can be freezing cold even on summer days.

To survive through the escape room, layering up is key.

Instead of wearing one knitted turtleneck, team up with a tee and a shacket just to offer you more flexibility.

More often than not, you will soon get warmed up after completing some tasks. Make sure you can take on and off your outerwear to feel the most carefree.

5. Cute Outfits to wear to an escape room

Cute Outfits to wear to an escape room

Want to know the best way to enjoy the escape room trip? Dress up to the theme!

After all, an escape room is all about building up the immersion through the background story, lighting, and settings.

If you want to take this journey to another level, throw on the costumes just to make you feel way more involved!

6. Dress up the theme to enjoy the game

wear costumes to escape room

For example, if you know the escape room is about the wild west theme, dressing like a cowgirl just makes you feel more like part of the game!

7. Wear a detective theme to the escape room

detective theme escape room

I can tell that’s a detective theme. Good job people!

8. No worries, props are here for you

what to wear to escape room

If bringing the costumes is too much for you, no worries. The escape room always provides some props to make sure you are picture-perfect!

9. Clubbing attire? Big no-no

what to wear to escape room

Wearing bodycon and high heels to escape room? These ladies are savage. I can’t imagine how inconvenient that can be.

If you want to complete the task seriously, these Friday night looks ain’t for you!

10. Escape room tips: Wear the contact lens

The escape room is usually dimly lit and it’s best if you have a clear vision to tackle the challenges.

If you rely on glasses, try contact lenses so you don’t have to worry get your glasses lost during the climbing and running.

11. What shoes to wear to the escape room

what shoes to wear to escape room
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As a no-brainer, you want to wear sneakers but not any other kinds of shoes.

With the time limit, the key to solving an escape room challenge is to keep figuring out the clues and not waste even a second.

So yes, you definitely don’t want your high heels to slow you down.

When in doubt, make sure you can run in your shoes to nail the task.


So there you go – the 11 real-life outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the escape room.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these tips help you pin down your final look!

At the end of the day, the joy of an escape room is never about whether you can solve the task or not. 

Rather, it’s having fun with your friends and challenging yourself within the time limits.

So enjoy people, you’re bound to have a great time!

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