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*2023* What to wear to a burlesque & cabaret show? (28 outfits full list!)

*2023* What to wear to a burlesque & cabaret show? (28 outfits full list!)

So finally you’re going to your first burlesque show, with the mixed feeling of excitement and confusion.

The only question you’re probably having now is: What to wear to a burlesque show?

Should I dress up or down for the cabaret night so I don’t look like an idiot going to the wrong show?

The fact is, you can basically wear whatever you want!

That’s right, from a plain tee and jeans look to a cocktail dress, they are all doable!

But if you want to add a bit of zing to your burlesque and cabaret show (which you should!) so as to embrace the fancy vibes to the fullest, below I’ve gathered 28 burlesque and cabaret show outfit ideas for you.


1. A fancy top with denim for the burlesque show

If you want to stay comfy with a simple top and jeans combo for the burlesque show, that’s totally fine.

what to wear to a burlesque show
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But what about spicing up the look with a mesh top or vintage high-neck bishop blouse that you LOVE but don’t have any occasion to wear so you can fit in the dressy crowd?

As a failproof look, a mesh leopard top, eyelet belt, and black mom jeans are the perfect mash-up.

I mean, that just can’t be more perfect for a fun and wild burlesque show!

mesh top burlesque cabaret show outfits
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The vibe is a 10/10.

2. What to wear to watch a burlesque show? RED dress

If you want to match the theme with minimal effort, wearing red will guarantee you are on the right track.

I mean, what else is more sensual and attractive than a bold red dress that screams darling womanly vibes?

As a burlesque show fan, I can tell many ladies dress up strategically in red for that flirty flares – such a stunner!

PEPLUM DRESS burlesque show
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If you have a bloated belly 24/7 like me, a peplum dress is definitely the best choice.

The extra stripe of fabric just camouflages the belly perfectly and fakes an hourglass shape for you!

3. Play with patterns for fun

To bring the most out of this glamorous night, an eye-catching polka dot bodycon dress is your legit mood booster!

Slip in those sexy nude heels and be unapologetically captivating.

Real-life outfits:

If the burlesque show isn’t the right time to showcase your wild leopard dress, when?

Glam it up sis!

4. Glam up in a silk dress for the show

what to wear to a burlesque show
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Fear not, a burlesque show is all about bringing the glamour out and nothing is more suitable than a shimmery silk dress.

If you are in a flirty mood, don’t be shy to pull on that high-slit dress that is absolutely show-stopping.

You know, girls just wanna have fun! Life is too short to not wear fancy really.


For a budget-friendly choice, opt for a satin dress instead!

Real-life cabaret show outfits:

Seriously, a biker jacket is such a failproof option.

Even you just wear a plain cami top and jeans, throwing a statement jacket just make you feel so much more put together.

5. Fancy blouse and pencil skirt as a failproof

what to wear to attend a burlesque show
Source: 1,2

So you want to look classy and sexy for the show, what should you wear?

Well, what about a midi pencil skirt that showcases your curves in the best possible way?

Whether you team it with a dress shirt or lace blouse, it just looks equally flattering.

Of course, we’re not saying the boring black pencil skirt here.

To add to the allure, dig out your spicy leather skirt or corset lace skirt to give out that attitude.

Real-life cabaret show outfits:

Another great combo: A sassy off-shoulder top and a chunky necklace

6. Corset top is a popular cabaret night outfit idea

As a no-brainer, corset tops are such a popular choice when it comes to burlesque show outfit ideas. After all, what’s better timing than a fun burlesque show to pull out your edgy clothing and have a blast?

So yes, throw on a corset top and faux leather black pants, and combat boots and you’ll never feel anything missing from your boss lady look.

Already tried a corset before? Then perhaps it’s time to give a bustier or underbust corset a go! Trust me, team a statement corset with a plain white tee looks ridiculously good.

Or else, team it with a bold red dress, this look is sure to turn heads.

7. Stay fancy with sequin & feathers for a burlesque party

What to wear to a burlesque party
Source: 1,2

What to wear to a burlesque party?

I’d say embrace the glitters, feathers, and frills that scream nothing but over the top. So dig out your extravagant prom dress and let it do all the talking!

Some people are worrying will that outshine the dancers, but the answer is a BIG NO.

The more the audience dresses up and makes it more like an event, the more dancers feel appreciated. So bring your A-game ladies!

Want to dial it down a notch? No problem as you can always mix bold pieces with solid tops for a happy balance.

A sleek white top and grey feather skirt? This look is just wearable in the most tasteful way.

SEQUIN DRESS burlesque party dinner
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8. What to wear to the cabaret show? Pin-up girl

What to wear with cabaret show
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To embody the good old 1950 vibes, why not dress like a super hot pinup girl that symbolizes the peak vintage chic of all time?

From the sleeved mod wiggle dress to fun sailor shorts, you’ll never run of choices.

Plus, can we all agree the signature pinup dress has the sweetest and most flattering neckline?

9. Rockabilly style as the cabaret dress code

cabaret dress code
Source: 1,2

If you fancy yourself as a cool retro girl, rockability style is here for you.

With a red and white polka dot tube top, striking red belt, and high waist jean shorts, you’ll look oh-so-sexy when you step out of this look for sure.

10. What to wear to a burlesque party in winter? Velvet

What to wear to a burlesque party
Source: 1,2

If you are going to a burlesque party in the wintertime, consider the glamourous velvet dress that brings out a dash of distinctive festive vibes.

You can either keep it cool with the jewel green velvet dress and a biker jacket or – take a refreshing route and experiment with some dreamy new hues.

A lavender off-shoulder velvet dress that feels like a fairy? Oh so fancy.

11. Hosiery never fails to impress

burlesque outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

To add that provocative ambiance to the show, hosiery like fishnet tights will never fail to impress.

Whenever someone asks me if fishnet tights are trashy to wear, I just can’t help but want to roll my eyes.

It’s all about what type of fishnet tights you pick and how you style them.

If you wear it right, fishnet tights can glam up your look in such a feminine way.

That said, be sure you’ve read my 9 tips on how to look sexy but not slutty in fishnet tights – I’m sure you’ll find it useful!

Besides the fishnet tights, feel free to rock a retro look in those polka-dot sheer tights and color stockings with your heeled black bootie!

12. Bowler hat as the burlesque outfit ideas

burlesque outfit ideas
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Ladies, stay strong in your retro hat game. Throw on that elegant cloche hat and a bowler hat that gives your look a dash of Polishness.

Can we all agree this look deserve an Instagram post with the empowering caption “A woman should be two things: Classy and fabulous”?

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13. What to wear to a Cabaret night? LBD

A little black dress is a no-brainer for the cabaret night but what about complementing the look with the knee-high gloves that you never have a chance to put on?

Remember, nothing is too dramatic in the fancy burlesque show.

Let your styling prowess shine!

Simple yet sassy inspo:

simple What to wear to a burlesque & cabaret show
Source: Pinterest

14. Stay strong in your hair game

burlesque outfit ideas
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So you’ve pinned down your outfit, what’s next?

Well, you definitely want to look dazzling with the perfect hair-do and makeup.

Whether that means a straight vintage lock with a headband or simply curling the hair for a modern wavy look, it just shows others “I’ve got a style and I know it”.

Don’t forget your statement earrings and a swipe of red though!

This is so random… BUT

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Alright, now keep on reading!

15. Last outfit tips for burlesque & cabaret show

While this’s not always the case, some burlesques show involves audience interaction like flinging things or spraying things like candy and champagne.

So if you don’t reconsider should you wear than expensive designer dress that you can’t dry clean?


So there you are the 26 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a burlesque & cabaet show.

Woah that’s a long read, isn’t it?

I hope this styling guide has answered all the questions and now it’s time to have fun and create your one-of-a-kind look!

By the way, if you are interested in more musical and show outfit ideas, below are so other popular reads! See you there gorgeous!

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