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Ultimate 18 outfits 2023: SHORT JACKETS to wear with dresses!

Ultimate 18 outfits 2023: SHORT JACKETS to wear with dresses!

Ladies, please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks it can be tricky to team short jackets and dresses together.

Trust me, I’ve tried all kinds of combos but sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to throw them together.

But today, I’m glad that I’ve figured that out. If you team them the right way, short jackets can be truly flattering and even contour your figure proportion.

That said if you are ready to level up your outfit layering games, read on these 9 outfit combos for short jackets to wear with dresses.

Enjoy ladies!


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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Fashion comes and goes, but a tweed jacket is here to stay. Basically, a tweed jacket is made from rough woven fabric like wool.

With its sturdy texture and fine finish, it’s just the IT jacket that every woman should invest in.

While most of the time tweed coat is paired with the elegant midi dress, these days the trend has definitely shifted.

With the rise of a cropped tweed coat, you can now match them in a slightly more casual style.

Whether you pair them with the co-ord set or bodycon dress, it’s equally flattering.

As for me, I love wearing my tweed jacket with a tube dress. With its structured lining, I just feel way more secure when it comes to my bat wings!

My Affordable Picks:


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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While many people may not familiar with the bolero jacket but this little darling piece can really work wonders for you.

So yes, a dressy bolero jacket is more of a formal garment that you can see on the ball night.

The charm of the bolero jacket is it can give you some coverage but at the same time, manage to showcase your dress perfectly.

As a bolero jacket is designed to cut off at the smallest part of the waist, it just makes you look perfect in an hourglass shape.

And if you want to introduce a bolero jacket to your daily wardrobe, opt for a casual fabric like cotton for daily wear and all I can say is it just goes well with EVERYTHING.

If you wonder how to look classy with minimal effort, just throw yourself this lovely piece to elevate the look.

My affordable picks:

  • Front Scalloped Knit Cropped Bolero (It takes me ages to find the perfect one (not too old school) and I can’t believe I can find one on Amazon, I knew that’s the one when I checked out the reviews)


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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As a petite girl, the cropped cardigan is my all-time favorite and I can tell why they are all the rage these days.

With all the hues and knit patterns, it just never fails to give a modern twist to the look.

For the schoolgirl look, teaming cropped cardigan with a pleated skirt is such an impeccable match.

For extra spiciness, some girls will wear the cropped cardigan as a short top.

For me, I prefer the ordinary way to style my cropped cardigan.

When it comes to a girly picnic look, teaming my spring pastel pink cropped short cardigan with a white floral dress and vans is helpful enough to create a visually slimming and elongating figure!

My affordable picks:


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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Want to look cute? Then perhaps you don’t want to miss out on the new trend of the fashion world – the tie-front cardigan.

Just like the other short jackets, it’s versatile to match all kinds of styles.

While some baddie girls pair the tie-front cardigan with slouchy trainer pants and boots, you can also stay feminine with this lovely piece.

Dressing in a white skater dress on top of a blue lace-up cardigan, just kind of gives out fairy-like vibes.

An extra tip, if you want to put your lace-up cardigan in the spotlight, make sure you wear the dress and the outerwear with contrasting colors to maximize the effect.

My picks:


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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If you want to dress down the dress, a cropped denim jacket is a no-brainer.

Sometimes, certain types of dresses like body con dresses or lace maxi dresses can be too dressy to wear during the weekdays.

That said, all you need is to throw yourself a cropped denim jacket to subdue the formalness.

Finish off the look with a pair of chunky heels and a clutch, this is how you wisely change to style connotation of your OOTD.

Of course, you can also team the denim jacket with causal dresses for an off-duty ensemble.

Together with chic boho round sunglasses and white chunky sneakers, this is how you stay chic even with the simplest look.


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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I know that’s an unexpected one but for the girls who want to stay ahead of the fashion game, may I introduce you to the one-of-a-kind Bolero sweater?

While it’s hard to describe, it’s a shrug present in a modern take. As a bold statement piece, you can look edgy without giving it too much thought.

To look its best, it will be perfect to match it with the low neckline dress and that will certainly draw attention to the chest area.

For a fall high street ensemble, teaming a black bolero sweater with a satin silk dress just screams “I’ve got style and I KNOW it”.


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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If you want to balance out the girly vibes with your feminine dress, glam up your look with a short biker jacket as that is just full of character.

Or else, try shrugging off your jacket for an “I don’t give a damn” boss lady vibe.

If you want to match it as a set, always opt for the boots to complete your biker girl look.

That can visually elongate your figure from head to toe as well if you wear the same color tone for your top and shoes.


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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Like a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket, an overshirt (aka shacket) is perfect to wear for the fall season.

Unlike a cardigan, shacket is way more structured and boyish and you have no problem styling it in a high-street look.

For a matchy-matchy look, team the shacket with a monotone bodycon skirt to make it a set.

Together with a pair of knee-high boots and belt bags, this look is just a 10/10.

Or else, if you are feeling vintage today, get experimental to team an 80s graphic tee with the beige shacket for some retro vibes.


short light jackets to wear with dresses
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Last but not least, the bomber jacket. As a classic for years, they are always in style.

If you want to add a dash of sporty vibes to your camisole top and silk pleated skirt, putting on a cropped bomber jacket is always a wise choice to loosen up the vibes.

Together with a refreshing ponytail, it just makes you look youthful in such an effortless way.

Besides the boyish cut, let’s not forget there is a wide range of ladylike designs these days, A floral embroidered bomber jacket? Just shut up and take my money!


So ladies, here are the 9 types of short jackets to wear with dresses. Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear cropped tweed jacket with dresses
  • Wear bolero jacket with dresses
  • Wear cropped cardigan with dresses
  • Look playful with a tie-front cardigan
  • Stay casual with a cropped denim jacket
  • Get a high street look with a bolero sweater
  • Wear biker jacket with dresses
  • Look chic in a cropped overshirt
  • Dress down the dress with a bomber jacket

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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