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*2024* 16 real-life outfits for a pizza & Italian themed party! (+Wt not!)

*2024* 16 real-life outfits for a pizza & Italian themed party! (+Wt not!)

Wondering what to wear to a pizza &Italian-themed party? You’ve come to the right place!

To throw a sensational Italian party in the most perfect way, you have much more to do besides loading up the pasta and Italian-themed playlist.

To fully embrace the ambiance, picking the right outfit just helps you set the mood and make you feel the best in front of the camera.

Look! I’ve given a thought to my look for the party!

Below, I’ve gathered 16 real-life Italian party guest outfits from casual to dressy along with some pro tips.


1. What to wear to a pizza party

For a cozy pizza home party night, dress casual to enjoy the food!

To embrace the vibes with minimal effort, throw on an Italy graphic tee and just look as festive as you are comfy.

And guess what, it’s so easy to match the tees with your gang!


High chance you will be bloated for pizza night. To fully enjoy the time, avoid wearing something too tight like a bodycon or corset top.

2. Fun Italian tee for a pizza party

Want to be picture-perfect for the party? This “I’m not yelling, I’m Italian” funny tee just seals the deal.

what to wear to pizza party
Get this fun Italian shirt on Amazon

I bought this shirt for my boyfriend and he is loving this so far!

3. Italia shirt for the party

Pair this Italia shirt with hot pants and sneakers and you’ll never feel anything missing for the party!

Italia shirt for the party
Get this Italia shirt on Amazon

4. Funny shirt for Italian-themed party

If you are looking for something less cliche, this “Eat pasta, run fasta” funny quote tee is AMAZING!

casual Italian-themed party
Get this Eat Pasta Run Fasta shirt on Amazon

Whether you are wearing this for an Italian party or a casual weekend, this tee just adds an extra pop of fun to your style.

5. Mafia themed party outfit ideas

A little party never KILLED nobody.

If you’re tired of another pizza night, spice things up with the mafia wife and gangster theme! It’s so much fun!

For ladies, I’ve shared 20 outfit ideas to dress like a mob wife – check them out!

For guys, your styling options are basically endless from suit to the waistcoat. Of course, a fedora hat is a must-have to complete the style!

6. When in doubt, get a statement shirt

Besides the classic all-black mafia look, get out of your comfort zone for a flamboyant style.

what to wear to Italy party
Get this flamboyant shirt on Amazon

Not all patterned shirts scream the vibes but this one is just a statement piece for the Italian party.

Check out the Amazon try-on reviews here and you’ve been convinced.

As for ladies, buy this for your boyfriend or husband – I’m sure he will be so surprised!

7. Striped top and red scarf

A striped top has always been popular at Italian-themed parties.

If you want to add some texture, throw on the feminine red scarf and you’ve never felt anything missing from your outfit.


8. what to wear to an Italian-themed party

Want to go all-in for the Italian-themed party? What about throwing an Italy flag dress that screams the “You may have the universe if I may have the Italy” vibes?

Be ready as I’m sure many people will want to take photos with you!

9. What to wear to an Italian-themed dinner party

For an Italian big feast, these cute Italian chef hats are such a lovely idea.

Be sure you take a ton of photos as they are super instagrammable!

What to wear to an Italian-themed dinner party
Get this Italian chef hat on Amazon

10. Fun pizza hat for Italian themed party

Of course, how can we miss the signature pizza hat? Wear this and you’ll WOW everybody!

Fun pizza hat for Italian themed party
Get this fun pizza hat on Amazon

Such a mood booster!

11. Godfather Italian themed party dress code

Can you tell what Italian theme is this?

Fashion comes and goes, but the Godfather theme is here to stay.

If you want to add in some vintage vibes, gravitate towards a suspender belt for a tasteful look!

12. Stay classy for the Italian dinner party

At the party where everyone dresses like a slice of pizza, you just want to look like a preppy Italian man.

The scarf and white pants are certainly the highlight here.

13. Wear vibrant colors for Italian-themed party

If your Italian party doesn’t have a strict dress code, feel free to wear whatever you feel comfy in. From a billowy blouse to a cute romper, they are all doable!

That said, I’d say you better pick delightful hues like red, and yellow rather than dark colors.

After all, Italian are known for embracing vibrant shades and you should incorporate that into the party as well ♥

14. What to wear to an Italian restaurant

Want to wear your regular clothes to the Italian party? No problem!

When in doubt, floral and a bold red dress is always a good idea.

Actually I have shared 28 outfits if you are interested in how to dress like an Italian. It’s such a fun read, check it out!

15. Peplum dress for Italian dining date

There’s no dress code for an Italian restaurant. However, we all know how filling the Italian cuisine can be.

If you are looking for something belly forgiving, this peplum dress is such a godsent.

Peplum dress for Italian dining date
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

This is how you look put together in an hourglass shape even if you’re bloated as hell.

16. What to wear to an Italian restaurant plus size

And here’s my pick for plus-size queens! ♥

What to wear to an Italian restaurant plus size
Get this peplum dress on Amazon


So there you go ladies, the 14 real-life outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a pizza & Italian-themed party.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these get you inspired and now it’s time for you to settle your final look!

I am never a party girl but when it comes to Italian-themed parties, I enjoy them every single time. From the cheese platter to the lively, fun atmosphere, you’re bound to have a wonderful time!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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