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What to wear with a sweater knitted skirt?26 outfit ideas!

What to wear with a sweater knitted skirt?26 outfit ideas!

Speaking of the chilly days, here’s my wardrobe bestie of the season – the sweater knitted skirt.

As a perfect blend of sophistication and incredible comfort, it comes as no surprise why this darling takes the fashion world by storm these days.

Whether you go for the trendy two pieces matching set or showcase your luxe cashmere skirt as a solo, looking put-together just can’t be more effortless.

The only question you probably have in mind now is: What to wear with a sweater skirt or knitted skirt?


Below I’ve gathered 10 knitted skirt outfit ideas.


1. What shirt to wear with a long sweater skirt?

What shirt to wear with a long knitted skirt
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Knit skirts are cute but let’s be real, they can be tricky to wear. Featuring the thick woven texture, it unavoidably adds some bulk to your lower body.

To balance out the effect, pair it with a front knot top just contour your proportion in an instant.

If you really want to maximize the effect, add a hat to elongate your frame so you can rock your ribbed skirt whatever you want.

2. What top to wear with a sweater skirt?

What top to wear with knitted sweater skirt?
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For a failproof look, go matchy with a sweater top and knit skirt just can’t go wrong.

That way, you can keep your figure well-balanced with a similar texture from head to toe.

Another tip, if you don’t want to appear like an inverted triangle (especially if you have broad shoulders), always wear a lighter shade for the upper body and a lower shade for the lower body.

Trust me, that truly makes a difference!

3. What to wear with a knitted pencil skirt?

what to wear with knitted pencil skirt?

Want to wear your pencil knit dress in an elegant way? Throwing on a dress shirt just makes you look ten times more put-together.

If you want to take that sophisticated glamour you crave, swap out the plain white dress shirt for the expensive-looking satin one!

Or else, consider adding instant polish with the addition of a luxe brown leather belt.

Just equally flattering.

4. What top to wear with a knitted skirt?

What top to wear with knitted skirt
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Alright, it’s time to talk about the outerwear piece.

Come as a no-brainer, the cropped design goes well with the knit dress as it can add the least volume to your body and keep you sleek.

So yes, a cropped biker jacket probably works better than a baggy maxi coat in this case.

Of course, if the long coat is in thin fabric, that can be totally doable! So have fun experimenting with all kinds of outerwear pieces.

5. What to wear with a knitted mini skirt? Monochrome

What to wear with knitted mini skirt
Source: 1,2

Speaking of the schoolgirl aesthetic, a vintage argyle knitted skirt is such a statement this season.

Whether you team it with a white tank top or co-ord it up with the cropped argyle vest, that’s a 10/10.

The knitted mini skirt is not hard to mix and match.

But if you want to look chic with minimal effort, putting yourself in a similar colour schedule will always play the trick.

6. Wear a knitted skirt in a boho girl style

what to wear with ribbed skirt
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If you want to add a bit of zing to your winter boho girl look, a long-sleeved crochet top and a tribal-print knitted skirt just look so one-of-a-kind.

Together with a signature turquoise stone necklace and a crossbody boho bag, girl you’ll never feel anything missing from your boho outfit.

That free spirit vibe is real.

7. What to wear with a long sweater skirt

what to wear with long sweater skirt

If you fancy yourself as a retro girl, team your dark purple knitted skirt with black tights and mary jane heels are bound to draw adorning glances your way.


8. How to look good with a knitted skirt?

sweater skirt outfit ideas
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As a petite girl, it there are any tips that can make me appear to be taller, I’ll do it religiously.

I’ll prefer the knit skirt with an asymmetrical hemline. Despite the fact that it looks extra stylish, it can draw my eyes vertically and elongate my legs.

My other fav is a side tilt sweater skirt, this combo really makes me look good even in sneakers.

9. Go handy with a knitted skirt and top set

knitted skirt and top set outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

Bodycon dress? Hmm not for me. A cable-knitted form-fitting two-piece set? Hell YES.

Well, I know I’m not the only one who thinks that way! This knit two pieces set is just everything and more.

With the thick and structured fabric, it never fails to conceal the belly and showcase our curves in the best possible way.

Whenever I wear that cable-knit skirt, I think to feel like my tummy is gone.

By the way, these bodycon twosomes are really sexy. You can definitely wear them for a winter date!

10. Team ribbed skirt with tights and leggings

what to wear with knitted skirt
Source: 1,2

Not every skirt looks good with black tights but doesn’t worry as teaming with sweater skirts will always put you on the right track.

If you want to make your cheery red knit set looks pop up, team it with the black tights and black combats boots just look as chic as it looks leg-elongating.

And if you fancy yourself as a retro girl, it’s time to dig out your mustard yellow tights for the vintage look.

White tights are another popular choice these days!

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Alright, now keep on reading!

11. What shoes to wear with a sweater skirt?

What shoes to wear with sweater skirt?
Source: 1,2

Depending on what type of knit skirt you’re wearing, your shoe choices will differ.

But speaking of my favourite, I’d say the slimming pointy boots as you can look good easily with them.

Another tip always matches your bag (or tops) and boots in a similar shade as that just makes people look so put-together and again, elongates your figure.


So ladies, here are the 26 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear with a sweater skirt or knitted skirt.

So now please have fun discovering your unique look!

By the way, if you are interested in winter classy outfit ideas, high chance you’ll love the articles below! See you there gorgeous!

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