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*2023* 12 real nurse looks to nursing & hospital interview + Video + Answer!

*2023* 12 real nurse looks to nursing & hospital interview + Video + Answer!

Wondering what to wear to the nurse interview? Sis, I got you covered. In this article, I’m gonna show you 12 real-life nurses’ outfits and tips to get you all prepared!

While nurses are always in demand, a promising career is by no means a given.

For fresh nursing graduates, the competition can be even more intense. 

After all, the hospitals favor the experienced nurse over the newbies in terms of training time and money cost.

So yes, when it comes to the nursing interview, you definitely want to prepare 10/10 to nail the job.

Throughout the meeting, picking the right outfit to demonstrate that you look well put together and professional enough for the role is KEY.

If you need EXACTLY what should wear, check out the outfit inspo below! Also, stay tuned for the interview video + questions & model answer material!

1. Business casual for nurses

When in doubt, a blazer is a failproof way to go.

Despite its professional outlook, it just works well with many different outfits.

From a white button-down, classy blouse to a midi dress, the combo just looks universally flattering.

For the petite girls out there, opt for the three-quarter-length sleeves. Showcasing part of the arms out just elongates your figure visually.

For the ladies who have a resting bitch face, I’d say pair the blazer with round neckline tops.

Minimizing the harsh straight line can make you look more friendly and approachable. Little details like this can make a difference!

2. What to wear to a hospital interview

If you think wearing a suit is boring, well, think again.

Fear not, it is totally OKAY to add in a tint of personality and embrace patterns as long as you know how to mix and match!

Below, this lady just demonstrates the right balance between patterns and solid hues.

It just shows others’ you have a personality but at the same time, know how to remain professional manner.

3. Should I wear a scrub to the interview?

So here comes one of the most asked questions: Can I wear my nurse uniform to the nursing interview?

I’d say no.

The scrub is your day-to-day work attire in the hospital and that can appear too casual for the interview. Unless the interviewers ask you to suit up, avoid them.

4. A statement midi peplum dress

Of course, a statement yet the professional dress is always failproof. As a girl who is self-conscious about the belly area, a peplum dress is such a godsent.

peplum dress hospital outfit ideas
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 After all, we have to sit for at least a good 20 minutes in front of the interview and we definitely want to feel and dress the best.

I am loving this wonderful blend of peplum and pencil dress – such a dream come true.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist area, it just covers the tummy perfectly and fakes an hourglass shape out of nowhere. 

5. What to wear to a nursing interview plus size

And of course, here’s my pick for my plus-size queens ♥

What to wear to nursing interview plus size
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6. Paperbag pants to a healthcare job interview

Another interview failproof piece: Paperbag pants.

Paperbag pants to healthcare job interview
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Featuring the elastic waist fit, it just makes you look so put together without sacrificing comfort.

The best part? These paper bag pants have a cropped leg design, which is extra elongating and slimming for petite girls.

Featuring the slimmest part of the leg, showing the ankle out just makes your legs appear to be slimmer.

It’s all about the details that make a difference ladies!

7. What to wear to the nursing interview winter

When the days are chilly out, a classic black turtleneck with grey plaid paper bag pants just demonstrates a minimalist chic interview look in the best possible way.

8. What to wear to a nurse practitioner interview

Is that just me but layer up the collared shirt with a fitted sweater just look so on point for a fall interview?

To look extra preppy, let’s not forget to show the cuffed long sleeve for a sleek look.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

9. What shoes to wear to a nursing interview

What shoes to wear to nursing interview
Source: 1,2

For footwear, comfort is key. Nothing is more of an eyesore than a lady who can’t walk in their heels. 

But even if you are good at it, I’d say avoid wearing stiletto heels. It can appear to be powerful and intimidating in some sense, which doesn’t really fit the role of the interviewee.

So yes, picking the right height of shoes is definitely a way of art when it comes to a nursing interview!

My best pick is the low chunky heels or sleek pointy flats that help you look well thought out, whilst still being comfy and practical.

10. Look natural with light makeup

Last but not least – the makeup. Let’s be real, we all need a little confidence boost, especially during the nerve-wracking panel interview.

If you ask me, natural makeup is the best way to go.

Think thin eyeliner, lightweight foundation, and a swipe of red lippy that defines your facial features and make you look smart and refreshed.

Avoid anything too dramatic like multiple layers of fake eyelashes and crazy color palettes. You never want to look over the top for a nurse interview.

Easy on perfume as you may never know whether the interviewers allergic to it or not.

Plus, a strong scent can be distracting.

11. Stay hygienic (Look after the details!)

In case you need a reminder, don’t forget to stay fresh or shall I say – hygienic. 

After all, nurses and other medical professionals are required high hygiene levels as they work around patients with vulnerable immune systems.

That said, make sure you iron your clothes, fix the nail clip, and keep your hairstyle sleek and tidy.

Let’s be real, I don’t wash my hair often. But if I know I have an interview tomorrow, I will definitely do the hassle.

It’s worth it.

12. Pay attention to your posture

Last but not least, fine-tune your posture during the interview. 

Keep your shoulders back and chest high to avoid slouching. You have no idea how this little change alone can bring an air of confidence to the table.

Not only do you feel good, but that’s a big plus in the interviewer’s eyes as well!

13. Interview tips

As I Pinterest girl I find all interview tips here and I thought this is super useful!

Volume up and watch it now!

Also, I’ve read this blog from Nurse on a coffee break and find this article extremely useful with all possible interview questions and answers!

Check her out!


So there you go – the 12 outfit ideas and tips if you are wondering what to wear to a nurse and hospital interview

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these tips are useful and help you settle on the right outfits.

At the end of the day, don’t overstress about the outfit as it’s just one of the many elements to nail a nursing interview.

All you need is to stay calm, prepare well, and let your personality shine and you’ll be alright!

Looking for more nurse and hospital outfit ideas and tips? Check out these articles below ♥ I am sure that will be super useful! See you there loves!

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