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*2023* What to wear to grad school orientation & everyday? 25 chic looks!

*2023* What to wear to grad school orientation & everyday? 25 chic looks!

What to wear to graduate school orientation? Or basically, what to wear to grad school

Believe it or not, there’s a ton of you having these questions in mind.

As the saying goes “The stress of grad school can drive anyone temporarily mad”.

Grad school is TOUGH, that’s why you definitely don’t want to wear a laid-back outfit screaming “I’m giving up” to make you feel more hopeless.

Make sense ladies?

While there’s no dress code for a grad student and you can wear whatever you want, dressing smart casual will put you on the right track.

That said, I’ve gathered 25 grad school student outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to graduate school orientation and every day, enjoy!

1. What to wear to grad school? Go with classy hues

What to wear to grad school?
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Speaking of grad students or PhD students common look, of course, jeans is the no-brainer.

If you want to look more put-together, swap the distressed jeans to the dark hues jeans for a dash of sophistication.

So yes, in my opinion, dark blue, black, and classy white jeans are better than light-washed blue jeans if you want to dress smart casual.

Another perfect choice is Ponte pants, it’s stretchy and decent at the same time.

Together with a beige sweater and oxford shoes, this look is a 10/10.

And of course, this look is perfect for joining the graduate school orientation and open house day.

2. What NOT wear to grad school? Gym wear.

what to wear to grad school
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During the orientation, you will be joining many talks and meeting your potential advisors.

You want to hit that sweet spot where you look put-together but also approachable.

If you are a chill person, at least swap the oversized top and leggings to look for a form-fitting hoodie and straight-leg jeans.

I’d say this is the bottom line. You know, the first impression is difficult to change!

Dress like what you want to be addressed.

3. Shirt dress as the perfect graduate school orientation day look

what to wear to graduate school orientation
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So here’s my favorite. If I have to wear to graduate school orientation, a midi button-down dress is such a nice look.

It just makes me look classy without sacrificing my style at all.

Pair it with an off-shoulder bag and a pair of loafers, this is how you “effortlessly” stand out from the laid-back hoodie crowd and make people think, “Hmm… this girl seems so put-together, she must be a great project mate.”

Alright, I may think too much…

4. How do female graduate students dress? Academia look!

How do female graduate students dress?
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Who said grad student has to dress boring? If you have a style, why not flaunt it loud?

Dark academia outfits are having a moment right now. And the best part?

It’s not as juvenile as the mini skirt school girl look so you can easily carry it as a grad student.

You know the deadline is hard and sometimes you need to have fun with your look to boost your mood.

Now ladies, rock your look and show them grades and styles can co-exist!

5. Grad student outfits in fall and winter

What to wear to grad school?
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If you want to look stylish with minimal effort, throw on a sweater and you’re good to go.

Despite the smart-looking high neck top, my other favorite is the Breton top. It just adds a subtle dash of timelessness and elegance to the look.

By slipping into a pair of ballet flats and doing a sleek low bun, you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit.

6. First day of grad school outfit? Layer it up.

First day of grad school outfit
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If the weather is more on the chilly side, layer it up for a preppy grad school student look.

If you want to keep your houndstooth knitted dress low-key, pair it with a big collared shirt dress underneath just looks as decent as it looks meticulously posh.

You’re welcome.

7. Graduate student wardrobe must-have: Chino shorts

Graduate student wardrobe
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Speaking of the summer grad school female attire, shorts are a must-have.

While the hot pants and biker shorts are doable (as no one will tell you what NOT to wear), I’ll encourage you to stick with the decent ones like chino shorts, Bermuda shorts, dress shorts, and so on.

Trust me, the right shorts will make you look ten times more tasteful.

8. What to wear to graduate school classes?

what to wear to graduate school classes?
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So you want to dress more womanly and sophisticated as you know you’re ready to a grown-up as a grad student.

If you can only go for one change, what about switching out your mini skirt to a pleated midi skirt for a billowy yet comfy silhouette?

After all, you’ll be sitting in the classroom for hours and you certainly don’t want to torture yourself with a suffocating bodycon wrap skirt.

9. When in doubt, add a blazer

how do female graduate students dress
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When it comes to two essential outerwear pieces for grad students, a form-fitting blazer for presentation and a lightweight long-time cardigan for sitting in those freezing classrooms are the two must-haves.

If you think a black blazer is too official, try out the neutrals like beige and white for a refreshing update!

That said, I don’t prefer the oversized one – I’ll leave them for the casual weekend to showcase my street style.

10. No sexy dress on graduate school orientation

what to wear on graduate school orientation?
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Speaking of the graduate school orientation and open house day, ladies, please DON’T wear a sexy dress like a bodycon and put your amazing curves in the spotlight.

I know you have a great body, but honey, let’s leave that to the clubbing night with your girl pals.

Unless you want to attract hate and enemies and feel out of the place in the grad student crowd.

Otherwise, choose a sweet yet decent knee-high dress that makes you look likable and appropriable.

11. What shoes to wear as a grad student?

what shoes to wear as a grad student
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There are a ton of footwear choices for grad students honestly, from sneakers to popular ballet flats, everything’s comfortable is all good.

If you’re gravitating towards the classy style, loafers, driving moccasins, and espadrilles sneakers are all lovely choices, they just look tasteful whether you dress them up or down.


So there you ladies, the 25 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to graduate school orientation and what to wear to grad school.

I hope these tips help! Of course, feel free to take this with a pinch of salt as everyone has a different style.

At the end of the day, it’s all wearing things that make you feel comfortable and good.

So now, it’s time to have fun and create your look!

By the way, if you are interested in more classy yet casual outfit ideas, I’m sure you will love the articles below.

See you there gorgeous!

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