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*14 real-life outfits!* What to wear to Cirque du Soleil? (+ Pro tips)

*14 real-life outfits!* What to wear to Cirque du Soleil? (+ Pro tips)

Wondering what to wear to Cirque du Soleil? You’ve come to the right place! 

Below, I’ve gathered 14 real-life audience outfits together with some pro tips to get you inspired!

If you are a circus fan like me, let me tell you the performance of Cirque du Soleil is just another level.

As a perfect mix of amazing acrobatics, beautiful scene composition, and live music, this is such a top-notch circus that is well worth your time and money.

The energy is just unbelievable.

Oh and the best part? There’s no animal period!

Alright, enough talking. To make sure you enjoy the show to the fullest, I’ve gathered 14 comfy yet flattering outfits to share. Enjoy!

1. What to wear to the Cirque du Soleil show?

We won’t watch Cirque du Soleil show often (their tickets are pricy but worth it – 100%!) so why don’t you make this night extra memorable?

To double the happiness, picking the right outfit is key.

This gorgeous lady is rocking a bold red blazer dress and retro round sunglasses perfectly.

Together with the comfy sneakers, this look is just as stylish as it’s cheerful and fun for the circus day.


2. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Vegas?

If you’re interested in the previous look, I’ve found a similar piece on Amazon. It comes with all kinds of shades and it’s plus size friendly as well!

What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Vegas?
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The best part? The asymmetrical hemline design can draw the eyes vertically and make your legs appear to be longer.

As a 5”2 girl, I do tell the difference! Check this darling piece out on Amazon ♥♥♥ 

If you happen to watch the show in vegas, this blazer dress is perfect for your casino night after!

3. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil in winter?

If you think going to Cirque du Soleil show in winter has to sacrifice your style, well, think again.

You can still throw on a delightful patterned midi dress and yellow bag for the funky vibes.

All you need to do is layer yourself up with a long coat and you’re good to go!

4. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil OVO?

Run out of ideas? Consider matching the theme.

For example, the OVO show is all about the captivating movement and bright colors of human insects.

You can get inspired by the theme and wear an emerald green satin dress that screams the forest vibes.

5. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil OVO?

If you are watching The Beatles LOVE, the showroom suggests guests follow casual evening attire.

That said, think tank tops, cut-off shorts, and athletic shoes may not be appropriate.

You don’t necessarily have to wear a full suit but a nice collared shirt for men and a comfy tunic dress for ladies are appreciated.

6. When in doubt, bring an outerwear

What to wear to Cirque du Soleil royal albert hall
Source: 1,2

So here comes the most overlooked tip: Regardless of the season, bring outerwear with you.

Going to a 24/7 air-conditioned indoor showroom can be freezing cold.

It will be greatly helpful if you bring a light jacket or poncho with you.

Such a lifesaver.

7. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Love Beatles

As I’ve said, anything from a one-piece dress to a dress shirt to a sweater is appropriate!

When in doubt, think of a casual movie date or Sunday best!

8. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil show

Some of you may wonder: Can I wear jeans to Cirque de Soleil? My answer is YES.

What to wear to Cirque du Soleil show
Source: 1,2

That said, you want to look decent overall. A baggy tee and heavily distressed jeans are out of the equation here.

As a failproof, go for a nice blouse and low-heel pumps to elevate the look effortlessly.

9. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Plus size

As a girl with a food baby 24/7, I love pairing my peplum top with jeans as it just hides my belly in an instant and fakes an hourglass shape effortlessly.

What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Plus size

So here’s my handpick for my plus-size queens.

Featuring a fun striped design and forgiving peplum flare, this cute top is perfect for watching Cirque du Soleil.

10. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Orlando

When the days are chilly out there, it’s always appropriate to wear a biker jacket and cape coat for an extra pop of fun!

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Alright, now keep on reading!

11. Don’t dress too over the top

Basically, you can wear anything for Cirque du Soleil. But when it comes to a floor-length gown, that may seem too over the top.

What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Orlando
Source: 1,2

Make sure your dress is flattering yet practical enough. High chance you will need to walk up and down the stairs and find your seats.

Also, don’t wear hats during the show. (BIG NO NO)

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12. What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Seattle

A billowy sundress dress like this is always perfect for a summer circus date.

What to wear to Cirque du Soleil Seattle
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Whether you team it with tennis sneakers or boho gladiator sandals, they are all lovely choices.

13. Embrace bright hues and patterns

This lady wears a fun polka dot dress for the Cirque du Soleil.

I used to wear solid dresses but guess what, it’s always nice to throw on some playful patterns!

For your convenience, cross-body bags come in handy.

14. What shoes to wear to Cirque du Soleil

As for footwear, comfort is key. If your dressy look doesn’t really match with sneakers, consider wearing espadrilles wedges.

Featuring the sturdy sole, you can add in a few inches without knee pain.

Check out these cute pairs below. My eyes are now on these leopard print sandals- sophisticated yet aesthetic.

What shoes to wear to the blue man group
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So there you go, 14 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to Cirque de Soleil.

What do you think about these tips? I hope you do get inspired! 

And now it’s the time to pin down your final look, enjoy the coming show, and embrace your inner child!

That’s gonna be the most memorable night.

For more show outfit ideas, check out my other popular reads below! See you there loves!

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