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*2023*28 outfits to wear to the charity gala and fundraiser event? Slimming tips!

*2023*28 outfits to wear to the charity gala and fundraiser event? Slimming tips!

No matter you are the party queen or stylish IT girl, dressing for the fundraiser is no easy feat.


Because the word “Fundraiser” doesn’t really give a hint about what to wear at all!

These days, charity events come in all kinds of forms and formalities.

From a casual fundraiser walkathon to a black-tie charity gala, the styling combos are truly endless.

Below, I’ve gathered 28 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to charity gala and fundraiser events, enjoy!

1. What to wear to the charity gala? Black tie

First, let’s talk about upscale functions like charity galas.

What to wear to charity gala
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Unless you are attending an internationally prestigious event with all A-listers and nobilities, most of the time the dress code you’ve come across will be “Black tie” instead of the ultra-formal “white tie”.

charity gala red dress
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But still, the black-tie dress code for women requires a high level of formality.

Ladies should dress up in a floor-length dress or gown with a dainty embellished clutch and nice pumps for a refined, glamorous look.

what to wear to the fundraiser event
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2. What to wear to the charity event dinner? Dressy jumpsuit.

I get asked this question a lot: Can I wear a jumpsuit for a black-tie event like a charity ball?

What to wear to charity event dinner?
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Of course.

I actually love jumpsuits so much as they just add a dash of boss lady attitude and you can easily stand up in the crowd.

The truth is, if you pick the right design, your jumpsuit will make you look polished and put together.

jumpsuit charity gala
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Of course, we aren’t talking about those summer vacation cotton slouchy jumpsuits here.

Choose the one with form-fitting cuts, a cinched waist design to flatter the curves, and flared-leg pants for the classy ladylike style, girl you will look like a 10/10.

3. What to wear to a fundraiser luncheon? Cocktail attire

As for the less corporate events like a charity luncheon or fundraising evening gatherings, cocktail attire is always appropriate.

Cocktail attire for upscaled fundraiser event
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That being said, the dress code calls for a midi dress or one above the knee.

While you can definitely loosen up a bit and add more fun like sequins and bold hues to your style, you still have to present yourself in a decent and sophisticated way.

These days, there’s still a misconception that cocktail attire means you can dress sexy if that’s a midi dress.

Well, that’s not true.

fundraiser luncheon cocktail attire

While you can add a certain level of sex appeal, you don’t want to look too revealing.

The rule of thumb is if you look in the mirror and think the dress is more of a Friday night clubbing dress rather than a cocktail dress, you are doing it wrong.

For the ladies who prefer a minimalist style, this off-shoulder dress lets you look timeless and elegant with minimal effort.

It’s also perfect for political meet and greets.

political meet and greet dress
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4. Charity ball dress for leg elongating

As a petite girl, I love wearing the high-low dress as it’s super forgiving and leg-elongating.

charity ball high low dress
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It just draws people’s focus to your legs vertically and creates a lengthening effect.

Plus, don’t they just look so stylish in the sea of regular LBD and midi dresses?

velvet dress outfit ideas

This velvet dress is to die for.

The sleek front slit help draw eyes in and upward, elongating the legs visually.

Together with an elegant wrap, this look is a 10/10.

5. Go all glam with lush fabric for charity night

If you want to pick the right dress for your fundraiser events, the fabric is key.

what to wear to charity night
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If the goal here is to look irresistibly posh and classy.

Source: Pinterest

Swapping up casual fabric like polyester, and cotton for lush ones like silk, satin, and velvet can really boost the aesthetic tenfold.

6. What to wear to a casual fundraiser?

When it comes to casual community charity functions and outdoor events like fundraiser walkathons and golf charity events, dress casually and smartly.

what to wear to a golf charity event
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For a failproof option, I’d say smart preppy styles like polo and khaki pants are the right match of all time.

Source: Pinterest

And if you want to wear jeans, consider off-white hues like white and beige.

That just makes you look classy in the most effortless way!


If you are having a luncheon in the country club, definitely go for a collared top instead of a round-neck tee.

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7. What to wear to a school fundraiser as a plus-size

As for the school fundraiser events, again, the outfit can vary according to the formality.

From an annual private school charity ball to an afternoon tea fundraiser, the dress code can be different.

That said, your event calls for cocktail attire and you need a dress that can COMPLETELY HIDE YOUR TUMMY, below are the two stunning dresses from Amazon.

what to wear to a school fundraiser
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what to wear to a school fundraiser PLUS SIZE
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8. What shoes and bags to wear to the fundraiser event

So you’ve pinned down your look, it’s time for bags and shoes.

What shoes and bags to wear to fundraiser event
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Here’s the thing, if you finished your look with a dressier end, I’ll definitely recommend you opt for a dainty clutch instead of an off-shoulder bag as it just levels up the formality in an instant.

As for footwear, go with supportive chunky heels instead of the 10-inch stilettos unless you have the confidence to carry them.

During the fundraising night, you’ll have to walk and stand and mingle with people.

Socializing sometimes can be already tiring enough, so ladies, do yourself a favor and reach for a pair of shoes that is NOT PAINFUL.

Jimmy Choo: Crystal-embellished velvet heels (Left), Manolo Blahnik satin flats (Right)

And guess what, if you have good taste, embellished flats are equally stunning as well.

8. When in doubt, go with the charity’s theme

What to wear to charity gala

If you are indecisive about what color of dress you should pick, you can always get inspired by the charity event theme.

For example, if you are attending a breast cancer fundraiser, pink hues can be an excellent choice to blend in with the crowd.

Of course, you can wear whatever you want unless the invitation has a specific color dress code for the event.


So ladies, there you go the 28 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a charity gala and fundraiser event.

I hope that gets you inspired and now it’s the time to get dressed up and create your one-of-a-kind look!

By the way, if you are attending a charity boxing event, make sure you’ve read the article below! See you there gorgeous!

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