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2023 *9 looks + tips!* What To Wear Apple Picking like a PRO

2023 *9 looks + tips!* What To Wear Apple Picking like a PRO

Wondering what to wear apple picking this year. No worries, I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive apple-picking outfit guide.

With the apple harvesting season around the corner, the excitement just fills the air. Add guess what, you want to look cute for some Instagram shoots that make everyone ask you “Hey girl, where’s this place?”

Whether you are ready to pack your picnic basket for a fun-filled in California Apple Hill in California or just keep chilling in a small beautiful orchard, I GOT YOU.

Here, I’ve gathered a list of 9 adorable outfits to wear apple picking for my girls simply because picking that aww-so-perfect outfit for apple harvesting sometimes can be a hell of a task.

So, stick along and read till the end!

1. Dress cute & carefree for apple picking

Rompers and suspender dresses are a booming fashion these days and the carefree vibe just matches the apple-picking day to the fullest.

what to wear to apple picking cute
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The best part? Regardless of the weather, you can rock this cutie.

For a warm apple-picking day, you can team an off-shoulder striped top with an overall dress for a cute look. As for fall, teaming a high-neck white top with a corduroy dress just brings the best vibes.


Even in the fall, you have to wear strong SPF sunscreen to protect your skin.

And if you haven’t tried the Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Essence, what are you doing in your life? (Sorry for the tough love) Get one and you will thank me later. It feels literally NOTHING on the skin.

2. What To Wear Apple Picking In Summer

what to wear apple picking summer
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Apple harvesting starts in early august in some parts of the country. So, I’m sure you must be wondering what to wear apple picking when it’s hot.

So ladies, take this as an opportunity to flaunt your cute summer dresses in style! I’d say go for the non-restrictive dress like a billowy flared dress or maxi linen dress so you can move freely when you pick the apples.

To make sure you enjoy the day to the fullest, take practicality into account.


Opt for minimal accessories as the long necklaces can be extra annoying when you pick the apples.

Also, avoid wearing black on a hot day as it traps the heat easily.

3. What Shoes To Wear Apple Picking?

The choice of shoes can make or break your whole apple-picking experience.

What Shoes To Wear Apple Picking

So ladies, do not fall into the trap of eye candy footwear with fancy heels and prioritize your comfort.

Lace-up combat boots,low-heel leather thigh-high boots, and sneakers are some of the most appropriate options to wear apple picking. When in doubt, go for the low chunky heels.

For the feminine style, the wedges like lace-up espadrilles can be a perfect choice! So darling.

4. What To Wear To Apple Hill

If you are still uncertain about what to wear to apple hill, then here’s another cool outfit inspo for you to get inspired!

Just put on your regular basic jumper and pair it with a flared mini skirt and knee-high boots and you are all set to startle everyone with your fashion aesthetics.

Your outfit just looks effortless when you “randomly” put a scarf on.


Try to choose your sweater and skirt in a contrasting shade to add some layers to your entire outfit.

5. What To Wear Apple Picking In Fall

For fall, make plaids your best friend and see the magic happens.

Throwing on some plaid prints and a fedora hat over your regular winter outfits can enhance your look beyond your imagination (Trust me on this !)


A cute hairstyle can make a whole lot of a difference, especially when you are taking a selfie. So, whether you opt for an open hairstyle or braids, carry them both with confidence.

6. Fun Fall Dress To Wear Apple Picking

Looking for a cute fall dress to wear apple picking? Well, here’s the one for you!

fun fall dress apple picking

Get this cute wrap dress on Amazon

This adorable fall dress is all you need to enhance your apple-picking experience with your fashion game in check.

Love that self-tie design – it just accentuates your figure without trying too hard. LOVE.

This is the best-seller on Amazon, check them out before they stock out!

7. Corduroy cropped jacket for apple picking

If a fall apple-picking look can be only pinned to one jacket, this has to be the one.

corduroy jacket for apple picking

This trendy crop jacket just looks great with a pair of jeans and sleek white sneakers. Together with a cute high bun, this looks just look as stylish as it’s practical.

So, buy one for you now to be the ultimate fashionista!

8. Accessories for apple picking

straw hat apple picking

Want to look instagrammable and practical at the same time? This straw hat is a win-win deal. I love the fact that it has a chin strap so your hat won’t fall off when you try to pick the apples.

scarf for apple picking

The other important accessory you should never forget to wear on your apple-picking trip is a scarf. You can also tie it as a poncho with your cute dress.

This cozy and warm knit scarf will not only save you from the chilly weather but will look absolutely gorgeous with your fall dresses.

9. A 10/10 Apple Picking Basket

And of course, last but not least, you will need a statement apple basket for a 10/10 apple-picking experience.

So, here is the best and most affordable apple-picking basket you can take on your trip to make it even more memorable.

apple picking basket

Get this apple picking basket on Amazon

Need I say more? Shut up and take my money. After all, who does not want to flaunt their apple hill trip on Instagram? At least I will!


Ladies, our list of 9 outfits to wear to apple picking comes to an end. So, what are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve pinned down the right outfits!

Enjoy your trip and may I wish you get as many apples as possible?

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