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23 outfits! Shoes to wear with Chinese qipao! Tip # 7 as a bonus!

23 outfits! Shoes to wear with Chinese qipao! Tip # 7 as a bonus!

So finally you get rid of the annoying belly fat and love handles and you are ready for the elegant yet sexy qipao!

But here’s the question: What shoes to wear with a cheongsam dress?

As a traditional Chinese body-hugging dress, the qipao is definitely something easy to carry.

SHOES to wear with Chinese Qipao
Source: Whowhatwear

To elevate the glamour of the dress, we should always pay attention to shoes and bring out elegance.

But not to worry ladies, there is actually a wide range of shoes you can pair with according to different styles.

Below, I’ve gathered 7 types of shoes when you wonder what shoes to wear with Chinese qipao, enjoy!

1. Style the qipao and the shoes in the same color

Despite the patterns and designs, you can never go wrong when you style the cheongsam dress and the heels in the same color.

What shoes to wear with qipao?
Source: Pinterest (1,2)

Wearing the tone on tone, that alone just naturally makes the outfit look more complete.

Pairing the dress and shoes as a set just makes the outfit look more dressed up and polished.

For light colors like baby pink, light blue, and beige, monochrome styling looks the best as it just helps draw people’s attention to these pale colors.

QIAPO shoes outfit
Source: Pinterest

However, in some cases, if the color of the Qipao is too bold, it’s totally acceptable to wear black or white heels to tame down the hues.

For example, if you are wearing a bright red Qipao, you may want to pair a pair of simple black heels instead of the right one.

2. Wear with high heels or kitten heels for a delicate look

While high heels are really flattering with the Qipao, not everyone can handle the height.

kitten heels and qipao outfits
Source: Pinterest

With the fitted body-hugging design, you can just walk in the baby on small steps and that will be a REAL TORTURE if you are not used to wearing high heels.

My personal favorite is wearing pointed kitten heels.

With the short stiletto heel ranging from 3.5 cm to 4.75 cm, it can still elongate my legs but at the same time, I am still walking in comfort.

KITTEN heels qipao outfit
Source: Pinterest

After all, that’s not a classy thing if you wear a glamorous dress with a nice body but look defeated.

But as a reminder, don’t wear round-toe kitten heels.

As the heels are not that tall already, the round-toe design doesn’t do anything good to our legs.

heels and qipao outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

Instead, choose the pointed one as the V shape can always elongate our legs more.

A nice pair of kitten heels can look really graceful and delicate and that matches the vibes of the Qipao so well!

3. Avoid wedge and high-platform shoes

That is a BIG No no… seriously ladies, please don’t wear the wedge or high platform shoes with the traditional Qipao anymore.

What shoes not to wear with qipao
Source: Lookbook (1,2)

Let’s be real here, I know many people hate wedge shoes because they are just not flattering most of the time.

The chunky wedge shoes really destroy the delicacy and elegance of the Qipao.

With the high platforms, it just visually makes you look so heavy for the legs, and that shifts people’s attention from the Qipao to your legs. Plus, believe it or not, it will make your ankle appear to be thicker.

While there are indeed some nice pairs of wedge shoes, most of them can look tacky or teenagery if the style is wrong.

For me, I will simply avoid it.

4. Pair with sneakers and boots for a playful look

What shoes to wear with qipao?
Source: Pinterest (1,2)

Of course, if you want to look edgy, you can style the Qipao with boots and sneakers for a more one-of-a-kind look.

While I prefer the classy look more, I have to admit that pairing it with sneakers can really bring out youthfulness and creativity.

Back in the day, Qipao was regarded as the classic dress that only sophisticated feminine women could pull off.

qipao boots outfit
Source: Pinterest

But nowadays, you can definitely create your one-of-a-kind style!

As a reminder, not every Qipao can pair well with boots or sneakers.

Qiapo dress and boots outfit
Source: Pinterest

With the traditional long Qipao with classic floral prints, they look better with heels.

As for the short Qipao with some modern prints (I’ve seen the universe prints on Qipao), they are perfect for sneakers for sure!

5. Wear vibrant qipao with nude heels

When it comes to the Qipao with vibrant eye-catching prints, pairing them with nude heels is always a clever way to go.

What shoes to wear with qipao
Source: @Supergurl

Of course, it’s true that you can pair the dress with neutral-colored heels like black or white.

However, if you want the pattern of the Qipao to look more pop-up, nude, or beige heels can always do you a favor.

Qipao and nude heels outfits
Source: Pinterest

If you want to add a sense of sexiness, the nude peep-toe shoe is a nice choice! But of course, you can’t wear the sheer stocking as that can look a bit awkward.

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6. Wear flats with loose qipao for a casual look

It’s true that the Cheongsam dresses are used to represent elegant, polished styles.

What shoes to wear with qipao?
Source: Bilibili & Pinterest

However, the time has changed and there are some new designs with modern elements that pop up these days.

For the casual style, the dresses change from the fitted design to the A-line loose design.

As for the length, it changes from the inconvenient long split skirt design to the over-the-knee length.

This type of Qipao looks great in a pair of flat sandals for a more casual and youthful look.

If you want to add a dash of cuteness, wear the round-toe ballet shoes will be flattering as well!

I am really glad this new design of Qipao exists as this truly makes people easier to incorporate the dress into daily life.

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7. Consider a cheongsam top for a versatile look

What shoes to wear with qipao?
Source: Exotic India & Uoobox

I know that’s not about shoes but I would really love to share this little tip!

I know many ladies secretly love the Qipao but are not ready to wear them.

After all, Qipao can be hard to carry due to its non-stretchy design and patterns. If that’s your concern, the cheongsam top is a great place to start!

By wearing only the top, it becomes way more versatile.

You can style a black cropped cheongsam top with a pair of jeans and look exotic in a stylish way.

As a pear-shaped girl that has the muffin top, the cheongsam top is such a blessing to me as I can pair it with the high waist A-line skirt during those bloated days lol


So ladies, here are the 7 tips when you wonder what shoes to wear with qipao!

I hope you like it and here is the quick checklist!

  • Style the qipao and the shoes in the same color
  • Wear with high heels or kitten heels for a delicate look
  • Avoid wedge and high-platform shoes
  • Pair with sneakers and boots for a playful look
  • Wear vibrant qipao with nude heels
  • Wear flats with loose qipao for a casual look
  • Consider a cheongsam top for a versatile look

Qipao is definitely one of the classic and elegant pieces that every woman should try once!

I know this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally adore it.

I love the way Qipao hugs my curves and I truly feel so feminine when I look in the mirror.

So ladies, don’t hesitate anymore! With confidence, you can pull off the Qipao for sure!

If you are interested in more styling articles, I hope the articles below are useful! See you there girls!

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