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*2023* 12 outfits + slimming tips to wear to a beach wedding over 50!

*2023* 12 outfits + slimming tips to wear to a beach wedding over 50!

Wondering what to wear to a beach wedding over 50? You’ve come to the right place ladies!

Before all the real-life outfits, I just want to quickly share my mum’s dilemma as a wedding guest last time.

This 55 years-old lady was invited to a beach wedding last August and she wore her usual royal blue blazer set to the venue.

Turns out, everyone there is either wearing pastel shades or fancy pop.

She turns out to look like a waiter or some sort of event planner in the crowd. You can tell the awkwardness.

So ladies, to make sure you feel the best at the beach wedding all year round, I’ve gathered 12 real-life beach wedding guest looks for ladies over 50 like you.

The best part? I am not only sharing the looks, I also teach you how to pick the right dress to look GOOD.

Ready to pin down some look? Keep on reading!

1. Beach wedding attire for female guests

If you are in your 50s, you want to keep your beach wedding guest dress fun but also elegant.

In that sense, a tea-length dress is always the perfect length for you to achieve this effect.

Another reason is when you are close to the beach, high chance it’s super windy, and a mini dress just won’t work well in this situation.

Of course, a beach wedding is a perfect time for you to embrace floral prints. If you are wondering about the exaggerating effect, go for the V-neck cut and asymmetrical hemline.

These two designs will draw eyes in and upward, thus elongating your figure and helping you shed down the boldness of the patterns.

Together with the nude heels to further lengthen your legs, this look is just as forgiving as it’s fun and sophisticated.

If the wedding attire is beach formal, no worries as you can easier dress up the look with a blazer.

I’d highly suggest you match the color of the blazer and the dress so it looks like a set.

Guess what, people will think you are effortlessly tasteful in wearing this combo.


For a day beach wedding, ALWAYS bring your sunglasses and UV sunscreen on.

2. Tea-length beach wedding guest dress

More tips on a floral dress as high chance you’ll pick one for the beach wedding.

If you want to camouflage the flappy arms, go for the sleeveless dress that has ruffle details. It just makes our arms appear to be slimmer by comparison.

Also, for the petite ladies out there, the side slit is another to shed the heaviness of a long dress.


If you are in your 50s, high chance you value comfort more than anything.

Compare to high heels, I have to be honest and think these nude wedges are the more practical choice.

3. Blend black with patterns

If you gravitate toward black dresses, lean into them.

Seriously, please don’t give yourself too much pressure and think you have to wear pastel shades. You can always create your own kind of style!

When in doubt, get inspired by this lady and throw on a flowy colorful scarf and nice pair of gold flat sandals to spice things up.

Together with a statement necklace, you will never look out of place at a beach wedding.

4. Most forgiving dress for a beach wedding

When you’ve reached a certain age, the muffin top and belly are just as fierce as ever.

You are not alone sis and that’s why I’ve chosen this peplum dress below for you.

Best dresses for a beach wedding

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just camouflages the belly completely and fakes a feminine hourglass shape out of nowhere.

And can I also mention how classy the collar design is – it’s like wearing a scarf without wearing a scarf (hope that makes sense).

If you are looking for a formal beach dress, this is the one.For my plus-size queens, I’ve handpicked this peplum dress for you. Simple but does the job!

5. What to wear to a wedding over 50: White pants

Time has changed and guesses what, it’s no longer taboo to wear white!

Of course, I’m trying to say blend in your outfits with white. A whole-white outfit is never acceptable.

The reason why I bring this up is that white pants just look dressier and posh compared to other colors of pants. Of course, that also matches the carefree vibes of the beach wedding.

What to wear to a wedding over 50 white pants
Source: 1,2

To look classy in white pants, a billowy print scarf, poncho, and chunky low heels just work wonders.

For accessories in this look, I highly suggest you go for the long necklace as it can draw your eyes vertically and balance out the volume of your top body.


For the ladies who prefer a solid shawl, this one from Amazon can work!

6. Fall beach wedding guest dresses for over 50

When it comes to a fall beach wedding, a nice top and plated dress are always appropriate and tasteful.

Again, to look put together, match the color of the top and the pattern of the pleated dress in similar hues. I know I’ve repeated this point but these details truly make a difference!

7. Casual beach wedding guest outfits

When it comes to a casual beach wedding, a midi shirt dress is your best bet.

Need I say more? This lady just rocks it in such a preppy way. I am obsessed.

To spice up the look, add a nice belt to accentuate your figure. Again, I suggest you match the color of the belt and the sandals so your frame can be elongated from head to toe.


To look put together, keep the tone of the outfit in two main hues. It just looks so high fashion in that sense, especially with the beige and brown combo.

8. What to wear to a winter beach wedding over 50

This lady perfectly demonstrates how to actually dress for a winter beach wedding.

I know that’s a tendency to wear dark hues like black and blue in winter. But I truly don’t think the get-up will vibe with the joyful beach wedding.

Get inspired by this lady and embrace a pink long coat and classy blue floral dress. Such a mood booster!

8. When in doubt, wear a poncho

For the ladies who want to wear pants or sleeveless dresses in winter, throw on a nice poncho is what you need.

poncho beach wedding outfit ideas

Again, I’m picking the poncho with V-line to make you look sleek and slim. It’s all about illusion.

9. Velvet jumpsuit for winter beach wedding

Another failproof look for winter beach weddings, I’d say anything in velvet.

Why? Because nothing looks more wintery than velvet and you just look effortlessly dressy in this “Go-big-or-go-home” fabric.

Velvet jumpsuit for winter beach wedding

I’m loving this velvet pantsuit from Revolve. It just gives out the boss lady vibes and it’s not too over the top for a classy 50 years old lady to wear.

Together with a dainty clutch and a blazer to drape over the shoulder, this is how you nail the wedding guest look even on chilly days.


Only Size S & M left for the Revolve jumpsuit now.

11. What shoes to wear to a beach wedding

When it comes to the summer beach wedding, a nice pair of wedge espadrilles just elevate any outfit.

What shoes to wear to beach wedding

Among all the brands, I am a fan of Castañer. This Spanish brand never fails to make aesthetic yet comfortable shoes.

When it comes to a beach wedding, you can certainly walk at ease all day long in their espadrilles.

12. Hairstyle for beach wedding guests over 50

Last but not least, the hairstyle. I don’t know about you but for me, dressing up is part of the wedding guest’s fun!

To finish off your look on a dressy end, investing a good 20 minutes for a nice hair-do is so worth it.

Hairstyle for beach wedding guests over 50
Source: 1,2

Whenever I was invited to a wedding, I’ll spend a day searching all the easy hairstyles on Pinterest. Just so fun for me.


So there you go ladies – the 12 real-life beach wedding guest looks for ladies over 50 like you.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you’ve found the right style and are ready to look so refreshed in the coming wedding.

Seriously, your age doesn’t matter; your fashion sense does. Now go show the world that you’ve got a style and you rock it!

Looking for more over 50s outfit tips? Check out my other popular articles below. See you there loves!

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