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*2023*21 modern witch outfit ideas + unique styling tips!

*2023*21 modern witch outfit ideas + unique styling tips!

Looking for some modern witch outfit ideas, get inspired and level up your witchy closet. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “In a world full of princesses, be a witch”.

Without a doubt, being a witch is a magical journey full of passion and spiritual wonders.

And guess what, a big part of the fun is to embrace the aesthetic witch fashion and stay true to who you are!

These days, modern witch fashion is all the rage. From casual to dressy, boho to gothic, dressing like a witch in your normal clothes every day just can’t be any easier.

And yes ladies, the witch outfits are way more than the statement pointy hat and long maxi dress.

Below, I’ve gathered 21 modern witch outfit ideas of all kinds of possible combos, enjoy and pin your favorite look!

1. Aesthetic modern green witch

Are you into herbs, rituals, and natural magic?

Well if you are that chosen type of girl, an elegant green witch look will scream the right vibes!

Aesthetic modern green witch
Source: Pinterest

For a night party look, a thin choker and belted green velvet dress are just as modern as it’s lowkey-witchy.

Together with a swipe of dark red on the lip, this look is 10/10.


If you don’t want to dress the witchy in a traditional way, a front-slit long dress definitely helps!

2. Modern-day gypsy witch with a gold accent

Well, it’s no secret that witches love the moon, stars, and sun and know how to harness the power of the moon phrase!

To embrace the astrology elements to the fullest, this look below is for you:

Modern day witch
Source: Instagram

A black and white mini dress witchy look is so modern and refreshing!

I really love the fact that this girl brightens up the look with a gold sun chain belt – it just boosts the aesthetic tenfolds.

3. Goth witchy outfit idea: choker

Goth witchy outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

To update an all-black witchy look with a dash of gothic romance, bring on the statement chocker and sheer black tights!


To give some layers and dimension to an all-black look, I’d say play with different fabrics’ textures so it won’t look too matchy.

Instead of wearing cotton from head to toe, introduce a sheer shirt, black faux leather, and black lace to mix things up!

4. Modern gypsy bohemian witch look

Now, THIS is the boho witchy outfit I want to copy for my coming music festival!

Modern boho bohemian witch look
Source: Just Jared

That shade of sage green is so aesthetic.

Together with the boho-round sunnies, this looks just screams the attitude to the fullest.

If anyone is looking for a see-through sleeve short dress, this swing dress from Amazon is my budget pick!

5. Casual modern witch outfit

Want to dress down a black hat look?

Casual modern witch outfit
Source: Pinterest

Well, what about teaming it with a cute collar top and plaid skirt for a cute witch-school ready look?

To add some details, I’d say layer up a dainty necklace with the top!

6. Romantic all-black witchy look

The truth is: Being a modern witch can be both fierce and feminine even in an all-black look.

Romantic all-black witchy look
Source: batelskater

All you need is a body-hugging long dress and a sheer lace robe to create a billowy silhouette for you.

For footwear, a nice pair of pointy heels here can make you look really sophisticated and sleek!

7. Celestial Moon & Star drop earrings

How to dress like a witch every day when you don’t have a budget to buy clothes? Well, simply invest in the accessories!

Seriously, if you want to rock the modern witch fashion, the key is DON’T overdo things.

When in doubt, you certainly remember you don’t have to look like the Wicked Witch of the West every day.

Sometimes, all you need is do is wear these aesthetic earrings with a nice black dress and you’re done!

It’s all about looking like a witch without appearing to be trying so hard.

8. Dress like a modern cute witch

Dress like a modern cute witch black girl
Source: Pinterest

Your ultimate adventurous witchy combo: A starry tee shirt, knee-high boots, and backpack.

Cuteness overload.

9. Moon phrase witch tee shirt

For a casual witchy outfit, just team your favourite moon phrase shirt with jeans!

Moon phrase witch tee shirt
Shop this Moon Phrase graphic tee on Etsy

The soft cotton and quality print are to die for – check it out!

10. Plus size casual witch tee

For my beautiful curvy baes, this shirt is my handpick for you!

Plus size witch tee
Shop this fun witchy tee on Etsy!

Thick thighs & Witch Vibes.

What a quote.

11. Grunge witch aesthetic outfit

Looking for a grunge witchy look that you can wear at school and every day?

Grunge witch aesthetic outfit
Source: Pinterest

This look is everything, especially with this solar print sheer top and the black Mary Janes!

To de-emphasize the silhouette, an oversized denim jacket is a perfect addition here.


Compared to the ordinary black sheer tights, the one with heart or star patterns just adds an extra dose of witchy vibes to the get-up.

12. Orange modern witch aesthetic fashion

Think of orange only when it’s October? Well, think again!

Orange modern witch aesthetic fashion
Source: Pinterest

Besides the all-black look, consider brightening things up with a dash of orange!

Fashion comes and goes but this button-down skirt is here to stay.

Halloween means no difference to me… I’m a Witch all year

13. Aesthetic witch shirt idea

Aesthetic witch shirt idea
Shop this Bad Witch Vibes tee on Etsy

I found out a long time ago it’s more fun being the Wicked Witch than the helpless Princess… (Credit – Tammy Faith)

14. Quartz Crystal Necklace

For my spiritual sisters out there, this Quartz Crystal Necklace is for you.

Quartz Crystal Necklace witch outfit ideas
Shop this Quartz Crystal Necklace on Etsy

Just layer that to any of your tops and it just naturally boosts the vibes tenfolds.

I can imagine this cutie looks great with an embroidered tunic dress!

15. Modern plus size witch: Batwing pullover

When the days are chilly out, the batwing pullover is hands down THE BEST.

Modern witch clothing plus size Batwing pullover
Shop Killstar~

It almost looks like a cape coat but a less formal version. Whether you team it with black leggings or a maxi dress for a distinctive shape, it will work like a charm.

The best part? A batwing pullover is so cozy and carefree!

16. Gothic witch pink skirt

When it comes to a gothic witchy look, embracing velvet can never go wrong.

Gothic witch pink skirt
Source: Pinterest

If you want to get experimental with a velvet dress without looking too formal – a fun pink velvet skirt (instead of the one-piece dress) is always a good way to go!

17. Knee boots for modern witches

Knee boots for modern witches
Source: Pinterest

I love EVERYTHING from this look: The embroidered rose coat, the satin top, and the oh-so-chic high-platform combat boots.

Well, this witch got style!

18. Modern witch footwear: High platform clogs

Remember, shoes say a lot about one’s personality.

Apart from the black boots, that’s not forgetting clogs are so underrated but they truly can transform the whole outfit!

A velvet flared pants and high platform wooden clog heels?

Just shut up and take my money!

19. Casual gothic witch in dungarees

gothic witch dungarees
Source: Pinterest

Fashion comes and goes but boots are a classic in witchy fashion.

Together with the black dungaree, I’m sure I will rock this combo like a uniform!

20. A high low top x jeans

How to dress like a witch every day? Pick normal clothes but with a slightly unusual silhouette!

How to dress like a witch everyday
Shop this high-low top on Amazon

A high-low top with jeans just looks as forgiving as it’s classy and lowkey-fierce.

21. When in doubt, LAYER UP

Last but not least, layer things up for a modern witchy look!

modern witch clothing plus size
Source: Pinterest

This girl just rocks an otherwise cute blouse with a black dress and pointy heels for a badass bitch style.

I’m obsessed.


So there you go – the 21 modern witch outfit ideas to spice up your witchy fashion these years!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired!

If you are looking for more witchy-related content, check out my other popular articles down below! See you loves – may magic be with you!

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