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How to dress like a punk rock girl? 18 no-fail outfits!

How to dress like a punk rock girl? 18 no-fail outfits!

If you think the punk style was dead, think again.

While we don’t often see people wearing black lipstick and spike necklace on the street, biker jackets and faux leather tights are definitely all the rage these days.

Time has changed, we now can certainly express the punk rock spirit through outfits in a subtle yet stylish way.

So ladies, if you want to puff off the punk without going too overboard, this article is here to help!

Here are the 6 beginner tips if you wonder how to dress like a punk rock girl.



How to dress punk rock girl grunge
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Let’s get the basics first, shall we? If you want to add a sense of rebelliousness to your outfit, wearing a graphic tee is a no-brainer.

But of course, we are not talking about the minimalist “No coffee no life” tee here.

Instead, opt for the relaxed-cutting black tee with bold and colorful prints to bring out the edgy vibes.

Apart from the signature punk prints like skull and music, the sarcastic tee is also a good place to start.

For me, I love going for the vintage-inspired shirt for a retro vibe, whenever I wear it, I just feel like I am back in those good old 70s days!

If you have owned a slouchy graphic tee before, you may already be surprised by how versatile this cutie can be.

Whether you wear it as a T-shirt dress and layer the turtleneck top underneath, or make it the crop version and flaunt your waist, they just look equally flattering.

So ladies, before invest other punk-style items, get the graphic tee first!


How to dress punk rock girl grunge
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When it comes to the classic plaid pants, it just naturally associate with the punk rock style.

Vivienne Westwood, the punk icon activist, brought the plaid bandage trousers into the public’s eyes in the 80s and since then, plain pants are just all the rage.

To get your feet wet in the punk department, I will suggest you go for tight plaid pants with pointy black ankle boots for a sculpted silhouette.

If you want to spice up the look, a graphic tee and a chunky silver necklace can give the outfit a stronger character.

However, if you just want to peek at the rock girl vibes, feel free to pair the plaid skirt with sheer tights and studded boots for a lowkey outfit.


How to dress punk rock girl grunge
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Among all the elements of punk style, I truly adore the stud outfits.

With a pair of studded boots or bag, it just instantly infuses an extra dose of style into my getup and that is kind of empowering to me!

To create a stylish contrast, I love wearing in feminine style when I wear a studded biker jacket or boots.

One of my favorite outfits is matching the beige camisole dress with a khaki studded biker jacket and faux leather combat boots.

This is such a killer look to integrate both rock and feminine style together and I just never get tired of this combo!

While the black stud outfit is such a classic pairing, it can look slightly aggressive in some outfits.

So perhaps it’s time to get experimental with all sorts of colors and give the look a refreshing vibe!


How to dress punk rock girl grunge
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And finally, let’s talk about the choker. To fully embrace the punk girl vibes, a choker just makes you look more stand out and make you look more baddie.

However, I don’t think a choker is a universally flattering piece that fits every girl.

If you have a long neck and oval or diamond face shape, I am sure you have no problem pulling off the choker.

But if you are chubby cheeks girl like me, you may like the choker to make your face looks even rounder!

So here’s my solution to the chokers. Instead of choosing the thick choker, a thin one is way easier to style and at least you won’t look like you are nearly getting suffocate.

And for an off-duty ensemble, a choker neck tee is such a handy design and somehow I just feel way comfier.

So if you want to be cool without drawing too much attention, I will strongly suggest you try out a choker neck graphic tee!


How to dress punk rock girl grunge
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When it comes to the outerwear that is associated with punk styles, the first one that comes to mind is always the biker jacket.

But how can we add some variations to the jacket and make it edgier?

Besides the stylish studded biker jacket, any outerwear with embroidered prints can actually bring out the punk flare.

So if you get bored with wearing the same biker jacket for the rocker style, an embroidered denim jacket or bomber jacket can be a stylish alternative to give the outfit a different taste!

I don’t know is it just me but I just can’t help but get addicted to all kinds of embroidered prints.

To me, they just look like a piece of art with deep messages and colors.

A biker jacket with an embroidered skull figure and romantic rose petals? Just shut up and take my money!


How to dress punk rock girl grunge
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If you have already mastered the previous punk-style items, it’s time to level up your killer look with fishnet gloves and tights!

While people may always wonder will fishnet tights make us look trashy, it’s all down to how we mix and match them.

For a subtle look, pairing the fishnet tights underneath the cut-off jeans is a fail-proof way of all time.

For footwear, you can dress it up or down with a pair of chunky combat boots or converse.

While the black fishnet can easily bring out the grunge vibes, let’s not forget white fishnet is such a hit these days and I can easily tell why.

With the light colors like cream, white or nude, these hues just look less aggressive and more youthful to style.


So girls, here are the 6 basic outfit tips if you wonder how to dress like a punk rock girl! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Embrace punk style in a graphic tee
  • Wear checkered pants for a cool girl look
  • Pull off stud outfits for grunge vibes
  • Finish off the look with chokers
  • Throw yourself a biker jacket to spice up the punk look
  • Wear fishnet tights for a sense of edginess

Despite the eye-catching outfits, punk deep down represents an attitude, and that shows our true self and is one of a kind.

At the end of the day, wearing punk is more than an outfit style and that’s certainly empowering!

By the way, if you are wondering how to look classy in fishnet tights, I am sure you will find the article below pretty amazing!

I hope you find some good tips there! See you there loves!

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