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*2023*28 Hot air balloon outfits! * real-life practical aesthetic looks!*

*2023*28 Hot air balloon outfits! * real-life practical aesthetic looks!*

So now you’re all thrilled and nervous about your first hot air balloon ride.

You just can’t wait to be up in the air, feeling the magical weightlessness and immersing yourself in the majestic view.

Of course, you also want to take an Instagrammable hot air balloon shot as you’ve already thought of the perfect caption “The sky is the limit” when you post it later.

The plan is all wonderful until a question pops up in your head: What to wear hot air balloon ride?

I got you, ladies. Guess what, hot air balloon ride doesn’t have to sacrifice your style at all.

Below, I’ve gathered 28 practical yet aesthetic hot air balloon outfits together with some useful tips.

If you want to ensure your ride is a pleasant, hassle-free one, keep on reading!

1. Avoid short skirts at all cost

hot air balloon outfit
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I get it, the hot balloon shots from Pinterest are all so dreamy and aesthetic and you’re planning to wear the cutest outfit for the rides.

But hold on sis, let’s not forget we have to get into the basket and may experience a bumpy landing.

So instead of wearing the mini skirt that will make every move ten times harder, definitely go for the elegant maxi skirt.

I know many guides tell you to avoid dresses and skirts at all but I think you can get away with the loose-cutting long skirt.

For an extra layer, wear the safety pants inside and you’re all set.

These safety shorts from Amazon is a must-have – high-quality buttery feel at such an affordable price! Check out HERE!

2. Rompers & co-ords as the handy hot air balloon ride choice

hot air balloon outfit
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If you want to look cute with minimal effort? Romper and co-ord set are incredibly hot-balloon-ride friendly in the summer days.

Featuring the lightweight fabric and universally flattering high waist cut, these cuties just bring out the summer vacay vibes and ensure you get some great shots without a doubt.

Plus, they are extremely comfy and you have no problem getting into the balloon basket in them.

Together with a light cardigan and espadrilles sneakers, this look is a 10/10.

3. A statement top as a hot air balloon outfit

For the girls who prefer casual jeans but still want to add a little bit of zing to your look, I’d say get a statement top.

I mean, it’s definitely the time for us to get bold with all prints and patterns for this magical balloon ride, isn’t it?

Trust me, you’ll regret it when you see yourself wearing the plain white tee in the photo. Come on.

Besides jeans, any flexible pants like leggings and jeggings will be a good option here.

As much as I am a 100% dress person, I’ll admit wearing pants for a hot balloon ride will be the most ideal and practical.

4. What to wear to a hot air balloon ride? Colourful look

what to wear to hot air balloon ride
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To spice up your look, why not add some hues to your get-ups and match the colourful hot balloon?

They are such an instant mood booster. So now it’s time to dig out your retro colour block cardigan and colourful floral maxi skirt for a statement.


5. What outerwear to wear to a hot air balloon ride?

What to wear for a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia
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What to wear for a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia? Even on summer days, you better bring outerwear with you.

Depending on the time of your hot balloon ride, especially the sunrise and sunset time, the temperature can change drastically.

Plus, you may feel a bit chilly up in the sky that’s why you want some sort of cover-up that always comes in handy.

That said, I’d say a lightweight windbreaker will be enough for the summertime.

After all, you don’t want to carry that extra weight of a bulky coat and poncho for the ride, don’t you?

6. Add in layers for the hot air balloon winter ride

 hot air balloon winter ride outfits
Source: 1,2

Speaking of the fall and winter hot air balloon ride, layering up your outfit is the key here. It’s important you can easily take on and off your clothes according to the temperature changes.

Think of a long-sleeve button-down and a V-neck sweater top.

My other favourite is the classic red flannel shirt as you can wrap it around the waist when you don’t need it so you can keep your hands free from taking the shots.

7. Wear cross body bag for a hands-free ride

For the bags you wear, I’d say the small crossbody bag is the best choice.

It just comes super convenient when you climb over the basket and are ready for the landing. So, ladies, you may reconsider your handle bag or tote bag.

Another quick reminder, don’t wear too many accessories (especially the expensive ones).

As most of the time, you can’t really find it back when you lost it up in the sky.

8. Outfit for the hot air balloon festival

Outfit for hot air balloon festival
Source: 1,2

If you are here for the hot balloon festival instead of getting the balloon ride, congrats as you can wear WHATEVER you want!

So yes, bring your romantic lace poncho or vintage clothes for some aesthetic couple shots – the memories are just irreplaceable.

9. Sunglasses and hats are two hot air balloon ride must have

hot air balloon outfit ideas women
Source: 1,2

Hats and sunglasses are the two must-haves for a pleasant hot air balloon ride.

Not only because they look chic, but they are practical as well.

After all, the basket is small and when the burners 6 feet above your head are ignited, you can feel the heat obviously.

So yes, definitely bring a wide beam hat or baseball cap to enjoy you can fully enjoy the trip. A visor in this case is a No-go.

Of course, you want to bring sunglasses with you as well. After all, when you are up in the sky, the sunlight can be really intense.

10. No open-toe sandals and heels

what to wear to a hot air balloon ride
Source: 1,2

Last but not least, the footwear.

Again, you have to climb through the basket so any high heels and open-toe sandals are a big no-no if you don’t want to trip over.

Go for the sneakers and the closed-toe flats.

I love my espadrilles sneakers as it’s not as sporty as the chunky sneakers and you have no problem pairing them up with your long skirt look, BIG LOVE.


So ladies, there you go the 28 hot air balloon outfits to get inspired.

Seeing the world from the top is an enchanting experience to have and I hope you can enjoy your ballooning experience to its fullest!

By the way, if you are interested in more outdoor outfit ideas, I’m sure the reads below are useful!

See you there!

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