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*2023* Friendsgiving outfit ideas to feel the best: 20 LOOKS in

*2023* Friendsgiving outfit ideas to feel the best: 20 LOOKS in

Wondering what to wear to Friendsgiving? You’ve come to the right place!

YES, Friendsgiving is definitely a thing these days and the trends go up exponentially for a ton of good reasons. I mean, who doesn’t need a day to give thanks to our friends that are practically family?

While a traditional thanksgiving can sometimes end up awkward with your relatives whom you barely remember their names, Friendsgiving is completely the opposite.

You can go wild and be your true self with your gangs and enjoy the long talk, football, unlimited alcohol, and overeat like nobody is judging.

So yes, Friendsgiving is pretty amazing.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 20 Friendsgiving outfit ideas from casual to dressy together with some useful tips.


1. Friendsgiving outfit ideas: Velvet dress

When the days are chilly out there, what else is better than a cute velvet dress that looks super festive and stylish?

To look put together, cinch in your waist with a nice belt together with sheer tights and sleek ankle boots.

2. Friendsgiving dinner outfit ideas

For a big day like Friendsgiving, it’s always fun to come up with a dress code and show up like a fashionista.

A red cardigan and satin pants? This get-up is the ultimate mood booster.

3. Cute friendsgiving outfits

If you don’t want to dress too baggy, layer up the look.

A turtleneck top and a classic tartan dress just look as cute as they look classy.

4. Friendsgiving outfit for petite girls

Friendsgiving outfit for petite girls
Get this off-shoulder dress on Amazon

Wondering what to wear to a formal friendsgiving dinner?

If you want to appear to be slimmer and taller, this gorgeous off-shoulder dress is what you’re looking for.

Featuring the unique high low hem design, it just draw eyes vertically and extend your legs visually.

Get this confidence booster on Amazon HERE.

5. Festive chic friendsgiving outfit

Can you look stylish with minimal effort for Friendsgiving? Sure thing!

All you need is to wear your regular jeans and throw on a faux fur sleeveless coat vest and Viola – this statement piece just boosts the aesthetic tenfolds.

6. When in doubt, velvet dress

Another classy velvet dress that you don’t wanna miss out on.

velvet dress friendsgiving outfit ideas
Get this velvet dress on Amazon

7. Sleeveless leather jacket + cute dress

Gravitate towards the cool girl biker jacket without going too all in?

Pair it with a sweet floral dress and combat boots just balance out the boldness in an instant.

8. Cute friendsgiving outfit ideas

Beannie + plaid shirt + leggings = Timeless friendsgiving outfit ideas

9. Plus size friendsgiving outfit ideas

No worries, you are not the only one who overeat on friendsgiving dinner. I mean, who can resist those savory pies? They are to die for.

If you are looking for something tummy forgiving, this cute cold shoulder dress below is just as classy as it’s flattering.

Plus size friendsgiving outfit ideas
Get this cold shoulder peplum dress on Amazon

Get this on Amazon. XXL always out of stock!

10. What to wear to thanksgiving if it’s warm?

If the days are warm, layer up a brown off-shoulder blouse with black overall just look irresistibly refreshing.

Not a typical thanksgiving ensemble but can we all agree it looks so good.

11. Friendsgiving dinner outfit ideas plus size

Another fun checkered peplum dress to steal the show. And yes, it’s again for my curvy queens.

Friendsgiving dinner outfit ideas plus size
Get this checkered peplum dress on Amazon

12. Go matchy with your bestie

Regardless of your age, it’s always fun to go matchy matchy with your bestie.

Don’t forget to take a ton of photos though!

13. The sweater season is ON

Want to look chill in front of your old friends? Throw on an oversized sweater dress with knee high boots and you’ll never feel anything missing from your look!

sweater dress friendsgiving outfit ideas

Check this gorgeous sweater dress on Amazon, it comes with all different shades and sizes.

14. What to wear to friendsgiving?

A red sweater top and leopard print midi skirt?

This womanly yet spicy combo is bound to receive a ton of compliments from your friends.

15. What color to wear for thanksgiving?

When in doubt, go for the autumn color for inspiration.

Think reddish brown, brown, forest green, orange and dark shades of yellow.

16. Add a poncho to spice up the look

Want an extra layer when you lay on the couch and watch football game? Get yourself a comfy shawl or poncho.

Thanksgiving outfit ideas
Get this shawl on Amazon

If you want to pump up a simple sweater and pants look, just throw on a poncho and you’ll look so classy and womanly.

17. A classic shacket for thanksgiving

Why shacket? It got the perfect thickness for the season.

Whether that’s a cold or warm day, a shacket is always the perfect layering piece.

what to wear to friendsgiving

Check out all patterns here on Amazon.

18. Cute thanksgiving outfit ideas

To finish the thanksgiving look on a cuter end, go for a high bun and fluffy Sherpa jacket and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit.

19. Match the hue from head to toe

If you want to look good in white jeans, consider wearing the top and shoes with similar hues.

That way, your figure can be visually elongated and make you appear to be taller and slimmer.

As a petite girl, I do see the difference!

20. Classy friendsgiving outfit ideas

A beige x brown monochromatic look is always aesthetic and perfect for November.

You just can’t go wrong with the knee boots.


So ladies, there you go the 20 friendsgiving outfit ideas that look as festive as they are flattering!

What are your thoughts on them? I hope they get you inspired and it’s time to pin down your favourite look for this wonderful day.

Seriously, thanksgiving is definitely not the time for you to count calories. All you need to do is to pick the right outfit, count your blessings and be present with your friends. ♥

If you are looking for more specific thanksgiving outfits, check out the reads below. See you there loves! ♥

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