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2023 Cute roller skating outfits (26 looks vintage to casual!)

2023 Cute roller skating outfits (26 looks vintage to casual!)

As the saying goes “Put some skates on, and be your own hero”. You know, the charm of a roller girl is they just look effortlessly chic and fun ANYTIME.

Regardless of your outfit, put on the roller shoes, and instantly that will boost your aesthetic tenfold.

Speaking of the signature roller skating look, think of fun bright hues, high street look, and retro flare.

Basically, for every outfit that screams good vibes, you will find it in the roller girl’s closet.

So ladies, if you are ready to give your style a fun update, I’ve gathered 25 cute roller skating outfits for your coming roller skating party!


1. What to wear to roller skating? Retro raglan tee

what to wear to roller skating
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Fancy being a sweet retro girl? What about throwing a vintage COKE logo red tee with dolphin shorts that scream 80s schoolgirl vibes?

To add a statement here, dig out those retro sunglasses just to seal the deal.

So yes, it’s time to dig out your 1998 graphic band tee and that classic raglan top, they ALL WORK to complete your vintage girl look.

2. What to wear to the roller skating rink? Dungarees

What to wear to roller skating rink
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Well, if you think dungaree jeans are only for kids, see how skater girls rock these chic looks effortlessly.

For the ladies who think dungaree is too juvenile to put off, swap out the crisp white tee for a cropped top or a sleek button-down and you’ll be all set.

Seriously, the playful overalls and roller shoes are such an impeccable match – together, they are the real mood booster!

3. Roller skater girl in denim

roller skater girl outfits
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Of course, denim is a key element for a casual skater-girl look. I’d say that’s a golden opportunity to try denim on denim.

But if you want to keep it subtle, pair the hot shorts with a baseball jacket that is equally chic.

When the weather is more on the chilly side, consider styling a pair of sheer black tights – that just look as practical as it looks sassy. Nail it gal.

4. 70s roller girl outfit with front knot top

70s roller girl outfit
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Wondering what to wear to a roller disco-themed party? What about staying hot and playful like a retro pinup girl with a body-hugging front knot top and shorts?

And yes, those white knee-high socks are another highlight to complete the look.

If you want to add an extra pop of fun, go matchy-matchy with your girl pals for a wild party night!

Don’t forget to take some photos of those as this get-up is super instagrammable.

5. Cute roller skating outfit in fall & winter

cute roller skating outfits
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Guess what, you can rock roller-skating all year round. For fall and winter, keep it simple with a dusty pink hoodie, cable knit scarf and skinny jeans just make no mistake.

Or else, go for another popular choice – wrap a flannel shirt around the waist!

Some ladies ask me if wearing a long coat is appropriate for roller skating in winter, I’d say it depends. If your place is freezing cold, that’s alright.

But let’s not forget roller skating can easily warm your body and even make you sweat, so I recommend going for the lightweight cropped jacket in general.

6. Stay one-of-a-kind in all black

roller skating outfits women
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If you’re more of a bad romance than the girly type of gal, lean into it.

Let your attitude show by complementing the all-black look with a black beanie, skull tee, and fishnet tights that scream “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it”.

And if you want to play with colors, pairing your all-black look with white roller shoes looks really pops out.

It just adds chic to any Instagram shots.

7. 80s roller girl look: Colorblock in EVERYTHING

Speaking of the 80s retro skate girl look, how can be not mentioned about the color block elements that scream artsy and fun?

80s roller girl outfit
Source: 1,2

Whether that’s a classic high saturation hue color block hoodie or the teeny pastel shade one, this look is always a stunner.

If you want to take this look to another level, definitely team it with colorful socks as well.


If you are petite like me and you want to elongate your legs, match your roller skates and socks with the same hue to maximize the effect. (Just like the left photo above)


8. Cute rollerblading outfit with an oversized jersey

Skater girls express sexy and cute in another way. You will never see them appear trying too hard in a super low-neck bodycon dress.

Instead, they throw on an oversized jersey for an “effortlessly chic” style and show off their legs.

Do you really think they are casually thrown on something and go? Well, I’m pretty sure they meticulously plan this look.

9. Roller derby party? Get the socks right.

what to wear to roller derby themed party
Source: 1,2

Need more outfit inspo for the coming roller skating party outfits? I’d say let your socks do all the talking.

Girls, it’s not the time to wear white socks that scream nothing but boring, go get some funky striped knee socks to show you’ve actually given a thought to your style.

But when it comes to my favorite styling way, I will go for a pair of mustard yellow thigh-high socks because why not? It’s party time!

Again, match your top and socks with the same hue. Not only does it make you look more put-together, but that can also elongate your frame from head to toe.

Seriously, you’re missing out if you don’t give it a go.

10. Spice up your roller skater girl look with hats

what to wear to vintage roller skater party
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Last but not least, the hats.

Despite the fact that they spruce up the look in a minute, let’s not forget that can block the sunlight – which is really useful when you plan to roller skate under the baking sun for a good three hours.

While a baseball cap will never make mistake, these days I’m obsessed with the bucket hat.

I mean, a dreamy lavender hue bucket hat? It’s just cuteness overload. Is that just me but whenever I throw them on, I feel like the Paddington bear?


Here you go ladies, the 25 cute roller skating outfits and dress like a stylish roller girl. Now comment below, which look is your favorite?

Now have fun discovering your unique look and let’s get rolling!


See you there gorgeous!

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